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Q: What- Strip mining is often involved in the production of ____?
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Strip mining is often involved in the production of .?


What is Strip mining often involved in the production?


What is Strip mining is often involved in the production of .?


What is strip mining often involved in the production of?


What production is strip mining often involved in?

Strip mining has long been associated with coal mines, has sometimes been used for copper and gold mines, and is currently in use for mining the Athabasca Tar Sands.

How do you use the word devastate in a sentence?

Forest fires devastate the landscape. Strip mining for coal would often devastate the natural environment.

Mining and Geological Engineer?

The principal duties of a mining and geologic engineer is to locate, extract, and make minerals, coal, and metals ready for industrial use. Mining and geological engineers are the brain behind the effective and safe operation of mines; they design underground mines and the tunnels, mineshafts, and means of transportation involved in their operation. In recent times these engineers have become more involved in environmental concerns such as land reclamation. Mining and geological engineers can be broken down into three major categories: the mining engineers involved in coal production, those that specialize in mineral extraction, and the engineers that locate and extract metal ore deposits. Mining engineers involved in coal production are best known for the design of the mines used for extraction. However, these engineers are also involved in the design and oversight of machines used to ready the coal for industrial use. Engineers that focus on extraction of minerals focus on the discovery and extraction of a wide range of minerals. Engineers in this area often specialize in one mineral, such as quartz or phosphate. Mining engineers that focus on the discovery and extraction of metals often focus on the location and extraction of one metal, such as gold or silver. The minimum requirements to become a Mining and geologic engineer are to earn a bachelor’s degree in Mining and geologic engineering; however, it is very possible to cross over from another engineering specialty such as chemical or mechanical engineering. Students who would like to work in this field are encouraged to seek out internships that will provide valuable workplace experience. The employment opportunities in mining and geologic engineering are expected to grow faster than average. This will provide excellent opportunities for potential engineers in the field due to the fact that many current mining and geologic engineers are currently reaching the age of retirement. Mining and geologic engineers are some of the best paid engineers; starting salaries for a mining and geologic engineer are typically around $60,000 to $65,000, one of the highest for any bachelor’s level program. On average, workers in the field earn from $72,000 to $77,000.

What is vertical integration?

It is a system of controlling all the businesses involved in the phases of production. It is often aimed at controlling the prices for a product by eliminating the competition.

Do rabbis have a purpose?

They are expected to be learned in Torah. They are often involved in teaching, overseeing kosher food production, or providing spiritual leadership.

How are decomposers involved in making wine?

The production of alcohol beverages is a process that involves the active participation of microorganisms, most often yeasts.

What is most likely to happen to an abandoned strip mine over time?

Because an abandoned strip mine creates a bowl-shaped depression in the ground, they often will collect rain water and gradually turn into lakes. The water in those lakes may be very toxic, however, depending upon the type of mine it was. Some mining practices are very environmentally harmful.

What is the impact of using coal as an energy resource?

it's a fossil fuel, so it's a net contributor to greenhouse gasses. Often comes from strip mining, which also have considerable local environmental impact. Tends to generate quite a lot of soot and dust when burned.

What are sciences involved in economic botany?

Agriculture and plant patent lawyers are involved in economic botany. Often they are connected to chemistry to create fertilizer, and weed / pest killers. Economists also study plants but with detail on the marketing and production of agricultural products.

What services do the data mining company provide?

Data Mining companies provide such services as mining for data and mining for data two electric bugaloo. They will often offer to resort to underhanded tactics to mine said data.

What are the hardships of mining?

There are a number of hardships that are often associated with mining, particularly when done underground rather than in an open pit. Working in confined spaces is difficult. The air is often very dusty. It is dark. There are sometimes cave-ins. Many people are killed in mining accidents. Those who do not die in mining accidents often suffer from lung disease (coal miners get "black lung") from all the dust they inhale. It is a difficult job.

How are fossil fuels extracted?

Coal is often extracted through strip mining at the surface or deep tunnelling. Oil can be extracted from the ocean and on land. Massive drills from ocean platforms are used to bore into these deposits beneath the water. On the land, wells are drilled, and pump jacks extract the oil. Natural gas reserves often exist within oil reservoirs.

What brought conflict between mining companies and farmers?

A lack of clean water was often a reason to fight between mining companies and farmers.

Simple cuboidal cells are often involved in?

Simple cuboidal cells are often involved in adsorption and secretion.

What matvhes with a strip of land next to a river thath is often very fertile?

A strip of land next to a river that was also often very fertile was the geography of ancient Egypt. The river referred to is the Nile.

Does illegal mining cause global warming?

Illegal mining does not cause global warming. This is caused by burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). What illegal mining often does cause is habitat destruction and water pollution of water sources near the mining operation.

Is it normal to get an emerald when mining coal in al kharid on runescape?

Often you can obtain magic gems (sapphire, emerald, ruby or diamond) at random when mining; a gem will appear in your inventory and the ore you are mining will still be in the rock. No xp is obtained from this.

Is blah an adjective?

Yes, it is often used in the comic strip "Peanuts"

Why are there so many production companies involved in a film?

Contemporary film-making often involves many different production companies mostly because of the complexity of the overall task. To continue to create movies at a high quality-level, contemporary film-makers make intentional use of experts in every related dimension of film-making -- lights, sound, effects, etc., as well as location-finding, supplies, and other support-needs -- and often collaborate with overview-production teams while doing so.

Where can one find information on becoming involved in the production of movies?

There are many sources that you can go to. Many colleges and universities offer tv/film production courses. Even if you're not interested in attending, often you can reach out to professors through email if you're looking for advice. It's often helpful to speak to people who work in the field as well. Search your local community phone book or online to find companies in your area that are related to film production and reach out and see if someone is willing to talk to you.

Which industries often employ geologists?

Petroleum and mining companies hire geologists.

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