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to briefly restate the events of a story

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ignore or lengthen depending on definition

The definition of statistics is the science of conducting studies to collect, organize, summarize, analyze and draw conclusions from data.

Paraphrase means to summarize something in your vernacular.putting the authors words into your own

The definition of recapitulation can be found in any dictionary. Essentially, it means to summarize something or explain something in a more concise way than has been previously done.

summarize the properties of nobel gases summarize the properties of nobel gases summarize the properties of nobel gases

Please summarize your topic quickly.

To summarize my findings, we're in trouble.

what does it mean to summarize the skills you have learned

To summarize, you will be compelled to vote for me based on these issues.

Our teacher wanted us to summarize the passage of the book Shiloh.He would later summarize his objections to the project as 'too large'.

To summarize means to 'sum something up' or shorten it into conses form.

they summarize Hinduism by the color and there thoughts and compare them with other religions.

When a reader makes notes in the margins of a text, notes that highlight important point, pose questions, summarize, or paraphrase, etc., the reader is scripting anecdotally.

Summarize the important aspects of the tectonics Theory.

Please summarize the story by writing a short paragraph below.

To summarize is to briefly give the highlights or main points of the text.

"For homework, we have to summarize all of chapters 4 and 5" said Kati.

For her book report, Sara Jane had to summarize the plot of The Catcher in the Rye.

Summarize - Little Birdy song - was created in 2008.

I would summarize myself and my objectives by giving a brief overview of my academic and professional qualifications.

The term Plant Ontology is used to summarize a changed plant cell.

It means to provide an abridged or condensed version of a longer book or other text. So if you had a book that was 600 pages long, you could write a couple of paragraphs briefly describing what the book was about.

Before reading, look at the title, the blurb and cover and what you think this book might be about. Always predict what might happen next or what the character might say next. Always summarize, summarize, summarize!

When you summarize your work history, you need to list your places of employment within the past 10 years. When you summarize your education, you need to list the college you attended and high school attended.

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