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Q: What tells more about another noun?
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Tells more about another noun?

Action and

Does a verb or verb phrase tell more about another noun?

The verb or verb phrase tells you what the noun does or it can tell you more about the noun. Examples:Mary is my sister. The verb is tells you that more information about Mary will follow.Mary met my sister. The verb met doesn't tell you more about Mary it tells what she did.

What tells more about another word?

An adjective tells more about a noun eg a red book. Redis an adjective and book a noun. An adverb tells more about a verb eg He ran home quickly. Ran is a verb and quickly an adverb.

Does an adjective clause tell you more about a noun or a verb?

An adjective tells you more about a noun.

Does the subject tell more about another noun?

The subject of a sentence may or may not tell about another noun. Examples:The soup is hot. The subject is soup, the only noun in the sentence. Hot is an adjective that describes the subject.My mother visited my aunt. The subject is the noun mother, the object is the noun aunt, but mother tells nothing about the aunt. The sentence tells what mother did.

Is hundreds an adjective?

Hundreds is a noun. (An adjective is a word that describes, or tells us more about, a noun.)

What besides an adjective tells more about another noun?

Sometimes a noun is used as an adjective to describe a noun. Some examples are:a spring bouqueta January thawa stair runnera car windowa steel frame

Does an adverb tell more about another noun?

The main job of an adverb is to modify a verb. An adverb can also modify and adjective, which is a word that 'tells more about a noun'. So, by modifying an adjective, an adverb is telling you more about the noun. Examples:a really hot dayfreshly laundered sheetsa broadly worded question

What tells more about a noun when peferring to parts of speech?

Adjectives modify nouns.

Is 'from' a verb or noun?

It is neither. The word 'from' is a preposition. Example:We have a question from an interested student.The preposition 'from' introduces the prepositional phrase 'from an interested student'; a prepositional phrase tells something more about a noun in the sentence. In this sentence, the prepositional phrase tells more about the noun question (the origin of the question).

How is an adverb similar to an adjctive?

adverb tells us something more about verb & adjective tells us something more about the noun or pronoun. through this aspect these are similar.

What is a noun that tells more about another noun?

An appositive is a noun, noun phrase, or series of nouns placed next to another word or phrase to identify or rename it. (e.g. Target, the newest store in the mall / my son, the doctor) It acts as a parenthetical form instead of using an adjective.---A noun adjunct (also called an attributive noun) limits or defines another noun.(e.g. home study, time card)---A predicate nominative or a predicate adjectiverestates a noun subject following a linking verb, telling something about the noun.

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