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I am 35, and I think that the stupidest mistakes I did when I was 22-23 were passing over one-of-a-kind experiences because 5000 INR seemed like a lot of money back then.

It's important to realize that when you are 22, the amount you save now in a month, you will be spending a day 10 years later. So it's really not worth it.

In the table by Ching Ho (another answer here) 20% saved is 1lakh INR/year. You could fly all over the world for this money instead, and you would be 22 - very energetic and able to experience stuff.

In this world, you either have a lot of time or a lot of money. And when you are 22, you probably have a lot of time and some money. By 30, you will have a lot of money but no time to spend it.

You will have plenty of opportunities to save. Life is for enjoyment.

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Know that when you are 25 and 30 you will earn much more money than you earned when you were 22.

If you can save X/year when you are 22, but you can save 30X/year when you are 30, the compound growth you got on X is nothing. (in the best case it grew to 2-3X - which is what you can save in 1 month at 30).

Start saving when you have a real job and your earnings are not going to grow significantly soon. I would suggest at 25-26 years.

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Q: What type of investments we can do in early 20's?
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