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Q: What types of reactions will produce radiation?
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Is nuclear radiation produced by a nuclear reactor?

Yes, a nuclear reactor produces nuclear radiation. Nuclear reactions in the core produce energy, and they also produce different types of radiation.

How is it possible for a single electron to produce so many different wavelengths and frequencies?

A single electron can produce different types of radiation. Radiation, frequency, and wavelength all rely on each other. If an electron can produce multiple types of radiation, it can also produce different wavelengths and frequencies, because the wavelengths and frequencies are dependent on the radiation type.

Is nuclear reactions a form of electromagnetic energy?

The reactions, fission and fusion, are not themselves forms of electromagnetic radiation. However the energy they subsequently produce are forms of such radiation. Light, heat, gamma, x rays etc.

Metabolic reactions can produce?

Metabolic reactions can produce

Can elements be made synthetically?

Yes. They can be made via nuclear reactions, exposure to certain types of radiation, and in particle accelerators.

What types of ionizing radiation produce the least amount of scatter radiation?

All of the ones on the list provided with the question have pretty much the same characteristics.

What are the three types of reactions that produce salts?

Types of reactions that produce salts:- neutralization reaction (acid + base)- metal + acid- metal + nonmetal- a reaction between salts- reactions between anhydrides and an acid/salt

Does cellular phones produce radiation?

yes cellular phones do produce radiation

What type of radiation does radioactivity produce?

The Type Of Radiation That It Produce Is The Gamma Ray!

Cellular respiration includes many types of reactions What is the main goal of these processes?

To produce large amounts of ATP To produce large amounts of ATP

Who was the first to produce artificial radiation?

Rutherford was the first scientist to produce artificial radiation.

What Chemical reactions produce the sun and energy?

These are not chemical reactions but thermonuclear reactions.

What are the different types of radiation rays?

What are the different types of radiation rays?

What do light reactions of the Calvin cycle produce?

The Calvin Cycle are dark reactions that produce CH20 (Carbohydrates) from CO2. The light reactions produce 02 from H20 and solar energy.

What type of EM radiation is given off in some nuclear reactions?

Gamma radiation

Why is gamma radiation produced in nuclear reactions?

This is because the nuclei out of the nuclear reactions are usually unstable and they emit gamma radiation in the process of their conversion to stability.

How hot is radiation?

there are many types of radiation

Where in the Sun do fusion reactions happen?

core and radiation

What are the two types of reactions?

the two types of reactions are chemical reaction and physical reaction.

What is two types of metabolic reactions?

The two types of metabolic reactions are anabolism and catabolism.

What is the type of spectrum of all types of radiation called?

There are different types of radiation; you may be referring to the electromagnetic radiation.

What type of radiation does a heat lamp produce?

Infrared Radiation

Does nuclear reactions and fission and fusion produce energy?

Some reactions produce energy, some require energy.

What do Light independent reactions produce?

they produce simple sugars

Do chemical reactions produce new atoms?

No, only nuclear reactions can.