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Some of these women became servants. Some servants helped with crafts in homes and/or nursed the children of their master. Their main jobs were to clean, cook, and do all of the other domestic work

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there were no ladies back then

If they were peasants they worked for a lord

The ladies followed the men, and couldn't vote

Medieval romances are adventure stories about knights, famous kings, or ladies in distress.

No. Parts were played by young men.

Medieval ladies usually lived in manor houses. Sometimes they lived in castles. Especially in the later part of the Middle Ages, some members of the nobility had town houses in towns or cities, so a few ladies lived in these.

During the day medieval ladies raised their children and did things such as weave tapestries and embroider.

The main religion in medieval England was Catholicism

They had children more children and took care of them.

A Franklin was a medieval landowner.

they had good homes and had high statuses

A Medieval Marshal was a stable kepper for horses

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They slept in beds or on wooden planks attached to the walls

His/Her job was to look after the cow herd. :)

To eat and to reproduce, simple as that. To eat and to reproduce, simple as that.

Yes, there were medieval female lords. However, they never used the term, 'lords' for women. Instead, they referred to these female lords as 'ladies.'

The crossbow and the full longbow were the main medieval innovations.

This was a question that depended on the ladies and their husbands. Some slept together, and some did not, just as they have done in most other cultures.

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A "lady" didn't have a job she was the mistress of the castle.

Laidies were high noble classed woman who had a lot of duties around the castle.

it was his job to travel around and to forgive people of there sins.

To behead people - I think

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