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Q: What would the concentration of a 3.00L solution be if you used 40 g of NaCl?
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What is the change in conductivity as the concentration of the NaCl solution was increased by the addition of NaCl drops?

The electrical conductivity of the solution will be higher if the concentration of NaCl increase.

What is a hypotonic solution of NaCl?

a solution with a higher concentration of NaCl than water.

What is 0.9 NaCl solution?

This is a solution with a concentration of 9 g/L NaCl in water (called also isotonic solution).

The solution contain 9ppm of nacl the concentration of the compound in the solution?


Saline is what percent NaCl?

If you think to an isotonic solution the concentration is 0,9 g NaCl/100 g solution.

What makes a solution with nacl be hypertonic?

A solution with a concentration of NaCl higher than 9 g/L is hypertonic.

How many grams of NaCl would you recover if you evaporated all of the water off of this solution?

This depends on the volume and concentration of this solution.

What happens when freezing H2O and NaCl?

The freezing point of the solution depends on the NaCl concentration.

1.75mol of NaCl in 15.2L of solution?

This is equivalent to a concentration of 6,73 g/L NaCl.

A solution of nacl and water has a molality of 4.5m?

The concentration of NaCl is 263 g/L

If the solid NaCl in a saturated solution of NaCl continues to dissolve why does the concentration not change?

At the saturation concentration a true dissolution is not possible and the concentration remain constant.

What is the percent of NaCl in solution with 59mg of NaCl in 375ml water?

The concentration of NaCl is 15,73 mg/100 mL.

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