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Q: What ww2 axis battleship are still afloat?
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Related questions

Was the battleship Texas serve in Vietnam?

USS Texas is the only dreadnaught remaining afloat. It is a WW1 ship. Her last war was WW2. Her sister was the battleship USS New York, which was sunk in the Pacific Ocean as a target, after WW2. The only US battleship to fight in Vietnam was the Iowa class battleship USS New Jersey.

What World War 2 battleships are still afloat?

USS Iowa (BB 61) - San Francisco, California (Planned) USS New Jersey (BB 62)- Camden, New Jersey USS Missouri (BB 63 ) - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii USS Wisconsin (BB 64) - Norfolk, Virginia USS Massachusetts (BB 59) - Fall River, Massachusetts USS North Carolina (BB 55) - Wilmington, North Carolina USS Alabama (BB 60) - Mobile, Alabama USS Texas (BB 35) - La Porte, Texas

Is Italy allies or axis?

well in ww1 it was in the allies. but in ww2 it was a axis. so i dont know if it will be allied or axis.

Who did canada fight in WW2?

Axis powers.

What happened in the bombing of pearl harbor?

The USN Battleship Fleet was destroyed and damaged; the US entered WW2.

Who are the axis of evil?

In WW2, it was Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Axis forces involved in the Vietnam war?

Wrong war. WW2 Axis was Germany, Japan, and Italy.

Did the axis powers or the central Powers lost World War 1?

Central Powers. Axis was WW2.

What are three main axis countries?

The three main Axis powers in WW2 were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Was Bulgaria part of the Allies or Axis in World War 2?

Bulgaria was part of the axis during WW2.

What is the name of the battleship moored near the tower of London?

I think you mean HMS Belfast which is a WW2 era Cruiser moored in the Thames in central London. A true 'Battleship' would be several times the size.

What countries were members of the Axis during World War 2?

The Axis nations of WW2 were Germany, Japan and Italy.

What is a history word that starts with the letter A?

allies and axis in WW2

who was involved in ww2?

There were a lot of countries involved in ww2 like Nazi germany , UK and the Soviet union who were in the allies and the japanese who were in the axis

What were three axis powers that invaded other countries in ww2?

The three main members of the Axis were Germany, Italy and Japan.

Who did the US fight in WW2?

The US fought Japan, Germany, and Italy.In WW2, the US fought the "Axis Powers", consisting of Germany, Italy, and Japan.

What does allied with axis mean?

Allied and Axis vicories reffer back to WW2. Allied sides were: everyone against Germany and Japan. Axis victory were: Japan and Germany

What name was given to Germany and its allies during ww2?

The Axis Powers .

Which countries were invaded by the axis powers during WW2?

Go to hell

What was the name given to the enemy countries during ww2?

axis powers

What are the two capitals in Europe that make up the axis powers?

It was Rome and Berlin, for Europe. There were times, during WW2, that the axis powers were termed, the "Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis."

What happened to the battleship yamato?

The battleship yamato was the best battleship ever built in ww2 by the Japanese imperial army.the yamato was set on a suidcide mission off the coast of okinawa when it was attacked by us fighter planes.the yamato was torpedoed 17 times and was bombed 71 times.the yamato sunked off the coast of okinawa.

What side was Hitler on in ww2?

The side of the Axis-powers. He was the supreme leader of the Nazis.

The name given to germany italy and japan during ww2?

The Axis Powers .

What side was Finland on in WW2?

Axis Powers. They had no choice because they were allied with Germany.

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