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Q: What 2 conditions that density has to meet in order for it to be used to identify a mystery substance?
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How do you identify white sugar?

The most obvious answer, tasting it, is unfortunately off the table. There are many substances that look similar to sugar that would be very harmful if ingested.So how else can you identify a substance? Finding its density would be a good start. Measure a certain amount in a measuring cup, then find the mass of the mystery substance (Be sure to subtract out the mass of the measuring cup!).Divide the mass by the volume to get the density. For sugar, the density should be about 1.29 g/cm3Another way is to find the melting point of the mystery substance and compare it to the melting point of sugar. Slowly heat the substance until it begins to melt. (Putting it in a plastic bag and submerging it in hot water is probably the best way to do this.) Once it starts melting, use a thermometer to find it's temperature. If it is sugar, it should be around 170oC.

How do you identify mystery gases?

you cant!

What is Colombia's population density?

A mystery answer

What is a sentence that includes the word substance?

The mystery substance turned out to be salt.

If you had a single pure mystery substance and cut it half over and over again until you eventually had two other different mystery substances the original substance would have been a?


How would a substance with a density of 0.95 gmL behave when placed in both oil and water?

When two substances do not mix with each other, the less dense substance will float on the more dense substance. Vegetable oil floats on water. If the mystery substance with d = 0.95 g/mL does not mix with water, then it should float on top of water. If the mystery substance with d = 0.95 g/mL does not mix with vegetable oil, then it should sink in vegetable oil.

If the weight of the bottle with the mystery substance inside is 0.250 N what will the bottle do?


Can anyone identify this mystery air rifle calibered gun with a10--00000 accuracy? does not support images so there is no way to see or identify your air gun.

What is the mystery number if the multiple of it is 10 and 5 the factor is 12 and the sum is 6?

A number with multiples 10 and 5 would not have a factor of 12. A single mystery number would not have a sum of 6. Under these conditions, the mystery number will remain a mystery.

Why are some mystery elements easier to identify then others?


How do you use of measuring cup?

you pour the substance in and see which gradation it comes to. There is no mystery, a perfectly simple tool.

Tricks to identify different powders while doing a lab of mystery powder?

Check the smell and colour and try and figure it out