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South of France in 1940 and Ethiopia


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During World War 2, Italy invaded Greece. Also, Italy did invade and capture Ethiopia (1935-1936) and Albania (April 1939. However, Italy did help Germany to invade parts of Yugoslavia and France during early years of World War 2.

Italy invaded a handful of countries during World War 2. This included Ethiopia, along with Albania and Greece. The Italians and Mussolini, however, were heavily pressured by Hitler and the Nazis to invade its neighbors.

Italy Invaded Ethiopia and that was about it, some of Italy's troops were scattered around here and there but that's it.

They invade Belgium France Austria Czechoslovakia Netherlands Yugoslavia Hungary Romania Luxembourg Channel islands Italy Denmark Greece Egypt Soviet union Hungary

Italy wanted to invade Africa and Greece, because like the Japanese and Germans, they wanted to take over other countries so the axis powers could someday rule the world.

Yes, starting at Sicily, and then later at the Anzio beach head.

Germany, Japan and Italy...............................

Germany and Italy during World War 2

fobleland in vaded and then took over Germany(with Germanys help) and most of North e land not only did they do this they were in almost all the attacks that Germany made.

Europe (mostly eastern), russia, poland, that area. Who did Italy, Germany, and Japan invade in World War II

Poland and most of the world

1940 in world war two!

The fascist countries during World War 2 were Germany led by Adolf Hitler and Italy led by Benito Mussolini.

Italy japan and Germany Italy japan and Germany

Germany, Japan and Italy...............................

Japan, Germany, Italy, and Austria.

The enemies were: Germany Italy Japan

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