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What 3 constitutional compromise did convention delegates makes?


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the great compromise, three fifths compromise, and commerse compromise.


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At the Arizona Constitutional convention in 1910, there was a decisive progressive maority in the convention that was determined to put many new radical (progressive) ideas into the constitution. The Progressive Movement sweeping the country was at its peak during this time. There was a belief that most governmental power had been in the hands of the few and many delegates to the Arizona convention were determined to defend the rights of the citizens from "big government."

He is under the impression that compromising makes him weak. He does not want to give in the the demands of the British. Instead he would rather be a leader.

Super Delegates are not elected through the normal primary and caucus process. They are designated by party rules and include high elected officials (members of Congress and governors), party committee members and some former office holders. Unlike delegates awarded through primaries and caucuses, superdelegates are not required to stay pledged to a specific candidate. In 2008, the Democratic Party has designated 796 super delegates. An estimated 4,049 total delegates will vote at the national convention, including super delegates. A candidate needs a total of 2,025 delegate votes to win the party's nomination. As taken from the WashingtonPost.

the constitutional court i think

They are important because they nominate the president which makes it all up to them.

One hundred Delegates and 34 Senators.

The monarch makes the decisions in absolute monarchies, the prime minister is for constitutional monarchies.

In psychology a compromise reaction is one that makes people feel happy. It may not be what the person is really feeling but they do it to make others happy.

They do not HAVE to be, but the convention is to have them written horizontally. That makes it a little more universal.

beautiful drama that makes the audience good

Liechtenstein's style of government is constitutional monarchy. The country is a Principality, with a Prince as Chief of State. This makes it an Hereditary Constitutional Monachy.

There is no such thing as the constitutional status of the so-called presidential line-item veto. It was proposed but never confirmed to be constitutional, rather, the Constitution makes no provision for such a privilege.

It means that all human speech, writing and even body language rely on mutual agreement of the code and that makes it a convention

There actually isn't a constitutional basis. Article 1 Section 2 references electors but makes no provision for the electoral college.

The monarch does via the parliament as defined by the country's constitution.

Washington led the Continental Army to victory over the British in the American Revolution. He presided at the Constitutional Convention that wrote the US Constitution. He was elected the First President of the United States. He voluntarily stepped down after two terms, and, he had wooden teeth.

The compromise that Atticus makes with Scout about school is that if Scout continues to go to school then he will continue to read to her at night. This is from the book To Kill A Mockingbird.

A 100 member House of Delegates and a 34 member Senate.

Amendments to the United States Constitution are created two different ways. First, by a two-thirds majority vote in both houses of Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate. The second way is by a constitutional convention that is called by at least a two-thirds majority of all state legislatures.

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