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What word means 'hurry' and has one letter change from 'taste'

Write a multiplication sentence with the greatest possible product using the digits 1 2 6 and 8 once

A large area of land often with a large house on it

What 5 letter word has 6 left when you take 2 letters away

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Q: What 4 letter word ending in TES has a Crossword Puzzle Clue of North American Indians?
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English words beginning and ending in the letter q?

An English language word beginning and ending with the letter 'q' does not appear in my American Heritage, Mrs. Byrne's, New York Times Crossword, Jane Shaw Whitfield Crossword, Dell Crossword Puzzle, New Webster's Crossword Puzzle, Eugene Ehrlich's Highly Selective and Webster's Unabridged dictionaries, or Jeffrey Kacirk's Forgotten English, Eugene Ehrlich's Highly Selective Thesaurus and Roget's Thesaurus. Such a word does not appear in Maxim Newmark's Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases. Ken - Mississippi

Can you Name an Argentine port on the parana river ending in rio?

ROSARIO....(New York Times crossword puzzle 48 across?)

Another word meaning mob head ending in po?

it's "capo." we are doing the same crossword puzzle and came across this in our attempt to cheat.

What you eat to a dietitian I am working a crossword puzzle and that is the clue it is a 6 letter word ending in ke what is the answer?

dont know if this is right but i would imagine a dietitian would describe what you eat as your daily INTAKE

What Feelings caused by the author's words in hatchet?

It's a crossword puzzle by the publisher. It's a four letter word ending in "d". there were no other hints. We were thinking "mood" as a feeling. Your guess is as good as ours.

What is a crossword clue for medium 7 letters beginning with a and ending with y?


What is a 6 letter word beginning in b and ending if f?

bewolf BELIEF word seen in crossword puzzles BEHALF word seen in crossword puzzles BITOFF word seen in crossword puzzles BADOFF word seen in crossword puzzles BIRDOF word seen in crossword puzzles BITSOF word seen in crossword puzzles BUGOFF word seen in crossword puzzles

What 4 letter gambling card game ending in o?

4 letter card game ending in o _o_o for a crossword

What is the answer to compliance in actions - beginning c and ending in e?

CONFORMANCEMy grandad was doing the same crossword!

What group was left out the negotiation for the Treaty of Paris ending the revolutionary war?

The American Indians were not represented in any way during the Treaty of Paris negotiations.

Words ending in the letter D?

dad, end, read, crossword, head, lead, band, bended, bend, bed, . . . . .

What is a trout fisherman called?

It only has 6 letters, ending with an 'r'. I'm doing a crossword and that is one of my clues. It might be 'fisher'.

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