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It is used to process your comands.


You need it to play advanced 3D games, play HD, and to plug in you monitor, can be intergrated in motherboard.


It is used to store data, operation sistem,...


You use it to install programs and games, you can read data on CD/DVD media, nw is replacing by Flash disks

CASE ------> Replace with CHIPSET (jumper!)

Where all of this is stored.


Controls and keeps everything communicating, in has ROM which contains needed data to even start computer


(random access memory) is memory which is used to store data which will be needed in so near future that is not worth to write it on hard disk JET


It provides power to all units of computer.

You could replace case with cords since case is not vital for making a working work system.

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Q: What 8 elements can be used for summarising any work system?
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