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* 1991 - 1993 vehicles generally used R12 freon. R12 is no longer available on the market. Vehicles before 1994 need to be converted to R134A systems. Almost all cars and trucks built prior to 1994 had R12(freon) installed in their air conditioning systems. R134A became popular with most manufacturers in 1994. To change over a pre 1994 vehicle to R134A several things have to be checked. Conversions are now the most cost efficient way to repair a major problem with an air conditioning system. Conversions should be investigated according to cost and feasibility. Check with your service advisor to see if your vehicle would be better off with R134 or remain with R12. One of the biggest differences between R12 and R134 is the size of the molecules, which means that a small refrigerant leak in a R12 system is a huge leak in a R134A system. Therefore, thorough leak detection must be done and all leaks repaired before attempting conversion. Expansion valves or orifice tubes must be replaced to handle the difference. Suitable or compatible compressors must be in place and a new accumulator or receiver installed. Most existing hoses on late model vehicles are suitable for conversion. New R134A service fittings are installed to make sure that someone does not contaminate the system with the wrong refrigerant. Last and very important is that a new identifying sticker is place under your hood. Sometimes it is required that a new or additional condenser-cooling fan be installed. It Should Be R12. If You Need Your Car A/C Checked Out, Take It To A Good Garrage. It Can Be Converted To Use R 134A, I Would Not Try This Myself. Vacuum Has To Be Pulled, Different Oil Added. Takes Special Equipment To Be Done. Save Some Money Let A Pro Handle This

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Q: What AC refrigerant 'freon' 'R12' is required in 1991 through 1993 Ford Explorer?
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