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What Ability does the Pokemon Infernape have?

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The Pokemon Infernape has the ability Blaze, which boosts the power of its Fire-type moves when its HP is low.

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What type of Pokemon is infernape?

Infernape is a Fire and Fighting type pokemon.

Can you get infernape in pokemon soulsilver?

you can trade with a Pokemon pearl, diamond, or platinum for an infernape

What Pokemon can fall in love with Infernape on Pokemon platinum?

Any Pokemon can if it is the opposite gender than your Infernape.

Who is a better Pokemon infernape or gachomp?

im guessing infernape cause infernape is a starter

When does infernape evolve into shiny infernape?

If your Infernape is not shiny to begin with, it will not evolve into a shiny Pokemon.

Where is a Infernape in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Infernape does not exist in Pokemon LeafGreen. Infernape didn't exist until Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, which was released after LeafGreen.

What is the password to get infernape in Pokemon Rumble?

Currently there is no password to get Infernape.

Which Pokemon is better Infernape or Empolean?

Infernape because Infernape can easily kill it with Close Combat.

Were can you find Infernape in emerald?

You cannot find an infernape in Pokemon emerald for that Pokemon you need Pokemon platinum, pearl or diamond.

Where can you face a infernape in Pokemon Diamond?

if you choose the grass starter then your rival will have an infernape or when you go to the Pokemon league , the 3rd elite four is a fire type user . he will have an infernape.

Does Infernape have flame body?

Infernape does not have the Flame Body ability. Infernape's ability is Blaze which is shared with the other fire type Starters of other games.

How do you catch Infernape in Pokemon FireRed?

Infernape FireredInfernape is new to Pokemon pearl and diamond, and cannot be found in any Gameboy games. It's only in Pearl and Diamond. I have Pokemon pearl and an infernape myself. You can tranasfer Pokemon from GBA Pokemon games to diamond and pearl, BUT NOT, vice versa. email me plz at tgrebner001@gmail.com

Where do you get infernape in Pokemon HeartGold?

The only way to getting infernape is by link trade

How do you get a infernape Pokemon Battle Revolution?

Copy your team with infernape in it from Diamond Pearl or Platinum

What is the strongest fire Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

ı think its infernape in sinnoh pokedex. ı think its infernape in sinnoh pokedex.

Where can infernape be found in Pokemon diamond?

You can' get Infernape, it's an exclusive starter you can choose at the beginning of the game.

What level does monferno evolve into Infernape in pokemon platinum?

Monferno evolves into an Infernape at level 36.

What Pokemon can breed with infernape?

There are a few Pokemon that can breed with Infernape. They are Spinda, Chimchar, Monferno, another Infernape, Buneary, Lopunny, and Lucario. All you need to do is look at the egg group; either Human-Like or Field will do.

Which is better infernape or Blaziken?

There is no Pokemon that is 'better' than another. That's for you to decide. Since infernape is newer i would have to say infernape.

Can dittio and infernape have a egg?

Yes, Ditto and Infernape can breed with each other. Ditto can breed with any Pokemon except genderless and legendary Pokemon.

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