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The US, Britain, the Soviet Union - and France. Berlin was divided into four sectors each controlled by the US, Britian, the USSR and France.

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Q: What Allies wanted to control post-war Germany?
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Why was berlin divided into 4 zones?

It was divided because each of the Allies wanted control of a part of Germany.

What did Stalin want for the future of Germany He wanted Germany to remain under the control of the Allies. He wanted a stronger and united Germany. He wanted to establish Germany as an independent na?

Stalin wanted Germany to be weak & divided up by the victorious powers, especially by the Soviet Union.

Why did Adolf Hitler wanted to control germany?

He wanted to control germany because he wanted to free germany and the world from Jews and Communism

What started the allies to take over Germany?

the allies wanted to take over Germany because Germany killed alot of theire during ww2. They also wanted to because Germany lot of money to them.

How did Roosevelt influence World War 2 before Pearl Harbor?

He wanted to help the Allies. He wanted the United States to join the war against Germany He wanted to supply the Allies with weapons.

What was the main intent of the Treaty of Versailles?

The Allies wanted to ensure that Germany would never again pose a threat to other countries in Europe. The Allies also wanted Germany to ensure admitted guilt as the aggressor in the war.

What were the reasons Japan joined the Axis Powers?

Hitler wanted to control Europe. Japan wanted to control the Pacific. The feeling was that if the Allies were busy on two war fronts, they would be far weaker giving both Germany AND Japan a better chance to win.

What was Franklin Roosevelt's position on World War 2 before Pearl Harbor?

He wanted to help the Allies. Answer: He wanted the United States to join the war against Germany. He wanted to supply the Allies with weapons.

What happened because the Soviet Union wanted Germany to be a Communist country and the Allies wanted to establish a democratic government?

Germany wouldn't listen to the Soviet Union

Why did the allies wanted to defeat Germany during World War 2?

The Allies sought to liberate Europe from the Nazis and restore order .

Why did the allies want to punish Germany?

The allies wanted to punish Germany because they felt like Germany was responsible for the war. Countries that fought were exhausted, their economies and industries were in a bad state. There was a strong feeling that Germany should pay for the damage and destruction caused by the war. France wanted to punish and cripple Germany so that they could not start another war.

Otto you wanted to rid Germany of the control of nobles and asked the for help?

Otto you wanted to rid Germany of the control of nobles and asked the who for help? FML Roman Catholic Church

How did Germany angered France?

1 because Germany wanted France's land 2 because it wanted to gain control on its citizens

How did the Allies respond with Woodrow Wilson's vision for peace?

the allies agreed but they also wanted to punish Germany for starting the war: war guilt clause.

How long did Germany bomb Britain?

for about 9 months because Hitler wanted to take control of briten so he could take away the American allies so he could win the war

Why were the terms of the treaty of Versailles so harsh on Germany?

The Allies wanted to ensure that Germany would not threaten other countries in Europe. (gradpoint)

What was the Peninsula that both Russia and Germany wanted to control?

The peninsula that both Russia and Germany wanted to control during the Russo-Japanese War was the Liaotung Peninsula. It is located between China and Korea.

Why were british and allies so keen to break Ottoman Empire?

They wanted control of the Ottoman Territories.

Why did Wilson have such difficulty seeing his fourteen points written into the peace plan?

Wilson was not in the best of health at the time of the negotiations.The European Allies all wanted to severely punish Germany for starting the war.The European Allies all wanted to recover the costs of fighting the war from Germany.etc.

Why did Italy attack Austria in 1915?

In May, 1915, Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary. This act brought them into World War I on the side of the Allies. Italy had previously joined an alliance with Germany but changed sides when the Allies promised to give them control of territory they wanted badly.

In 1919 who punished Germany by taking their landmoney and armed forces?

Germany was punished by the allies by taking land , money and restricting the amount of soldiers , navy ships and aircrafts.this was done because the allies and mostly the french wanted to comedown on Germany very hard.

How did Germany pay back after world war 1?

they gave it to them in a blank check and the allies cashed whenever they wanted to

Who was the most concerned about the Bolsheviks winning the Russian Revolution besides Russia?

The allies (15 countries including Britain, France, Italy, the United States, and Japan) were concerned about the Bolsheviks winning the Russian Revolution. One of the worries of the Allies was that the Allied supplies which were intended for the Russian units might fall into German hands. The Allies also hoped to prevent Germany from concentrating its forces against the Allies in the West. The Allies had also hoped to eliminate Communism. They also wanted to protect their own wartime and postwar geopolitical and strategic interests in the region.

Why did the allies reject Wilsons plan?

Wilson tried to secure a peace treaty with the allies, but the French and the British prime ministers refused because of how much damage Germany had done to them and they wanted Germany to pay all of the damage for war.

What did the Declaration of Liberated Europe submitted by the US at the Yalta Conference call for?

The Yalta Conference was a conference between the Allies near the end of WWII that debated on the outcome of postwar Europe. The main topic was how to deal with Nazi Germany. The US proposed a plan to split Germany into six separate countries and to have an Allied occupation of Austria. This, obviously, did not come true though. The US also wanted Germany to became a democratic nation.