What American Indian groups lived in the area of Boston?

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The area where Boston was later built was home to tribes of the Wampanoag group: these were the Nauset, Massachusett, Nantucket, Pennacook, Pokanoket and Pocasset.

Today these allied tribes are generally forgotten and people use the term Wampanoag as if it were just one tribe. Within each of the tribes in the Wampanoag group there were many small bands, each with its own chiefs - we know that the area of Deer Island and Boston harbour was home to the Massachusett band headed by chief Winnepurkit; there was a village named Totant at or near the location where Boston was later established.
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What two poisonous snakes live in the Boston area?

Actually their is no VENOMOUS snakes in Boston. But if you south to Milton in the Blue Hills you can find copperheads and timber rattlesnakes. Common Garter snakes are not VENOMOUS they do not have Venom glands. Maybe the person who first answered the question read the wrong book not to offend any o ( Full Answer )

What American Indian groups once lived in Baltimore?

To the best of my knowledge, the Susquehannocks. War and disease reduced their numbers, and eventually the few hundred that remained settled in Conestoga Town, Pa. Their numbers kept declining, and in 1763 a gang called the Paxton Boys slaughtered the remaining Susquehannocks in response to Pontiac' ( Full Answer )

Which Native American groups lived in Texas?

Texas claims to be the home of many different tribal entities. Most are not native to the area but are refugees of forced removal by the United States and Mexican governments. The Apache fit this pattern as rejects by both countries who were forced into Reservation life (call it a ghetto, if yiu c ( Full Answer )

What is a group of populations living in a given area?

Several populations make up a community . Communities interact with the non-living world around and make up an eco-system . Community. This is called a community. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

What Indian groups live in Arizona?

There are numerous tribal groups represented. The Apache and the Navajo are the two largest groups in Arizona.

Where did the American Indians live?

Almost everywhere, in the US. Almost everywhere in both North and South America. Hence the name American Indians

Is the area where Indians lived called a reservoir?

No , an area of land managed by a Native American tribe under the United States Department of the Interior's Bureau of Indian Affairs is an Indian reservation . Because Native American tribes have limited national sovereignty, laws on tribal lands vary from the surrounding area. These laws can perm ( Full Answer )

What indian group lived in the far north?

There were two Indian groups who lived in the far north. These werethe Inuit and the Inuvialuit. Both tribes were the descendants ofthe Thule tribe.

The indian group which lived far north?

Many. In our far north we know of at least three groups the earliest were the Dorset people. We think they lived up there since very shortly after the ice retreated from the last ice age, which means thousands of years. They were then replaced by the Thule. Now when we say "replaced" or "displaced" ( Full Answer )

What do the Washo American Indian tribe live in?

They live in houses just like all other Americans. Historically they first lived in so-called "pit houses", but by the time white explorers arrived they were making conical bark slab houses. These had a frame of willow poles covered with large sheets of cedar bark, or sometimes with a thatch of d ( Full Answer )

How did economies of many american indian groups develop?

Native Americans had no economies and in fact had no concept of money until they were introduced to it by European immigrants. Even long after their introduction to the concept, many refused to deal with it because of its inherent evil nature.

What Indian groups lived near the pacific coast?

These following tribes are from the pacific northwest: Alsea Tribe Bella Bella Tribe Bella Coola Tribe Chehalis Tribe Clatskanie Tribe Comox Tribe Cowlitz Tribe Haida Tribe Haisla Tribe Heiltsuk TribeKlallam Tribe Kwakiutl Tribe Makah Tribe Nisga-Gitksan Tribe Nooksack Tr ( Full Answer )

Are Indians living on reservations American citizens?

yes The American Indian is the original American citizen. We (the European "invaders"took the country away from them. If anyone is an illegal alien, it is all of us from various foreign descent.

What group of Native Americans lived in the area south of Lake Michigan?

There were three primary tribes that lived in the area of northeast Illinois, northwest Indiana, and southwest Michigan. There were the Miami, the Potowatami, and the Kickapoos and Mascoutens (the Kickapoo and Mascouten tribes were very integrated, often living in the same villages).

What American Indian groups did coronado likely meet?

The difficulty in making sense of the Coronado expedition is that he had practically no understanding of (or interest in) the native tribes, and his accounts are generally unreliable. Secondly, the tribes of that time (1540 to 1542) were not in the same places they were located in later periods - th ( Full Answer )

How did American Indian live in harmony with a American bison?

If you can describe a whale shark "living in harmony" with its prey then yes, Plains tribes "lived in harmony" with the buffalo herds. In fact they depended on those animals for almost every part of their lives, but only at the cost of dead animals; there is even a theory current among some historia ( Full Answer )

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Why did Native American Indians live in the northeast?

Native American Tribes populated all parts of North America. In doing so, many Tribes found themselves in what was the northeastern part of what was to become the New England section of the United States. There, game was plentiful, and some crops were also grown.

Where do American Indians live now in Ohio?

Almost all the native peoples who lived in Ohio were forced out by the President Jackson led Indian Removal Act of 1830. Most were forced to go to Oklahoma. The last Indian tribe left Ohio in 1843. There are two groups of non Federally recognized people in Ohio: The Munsee Delaware Indian Nation ( Full Answer )

What were the three basic groups of American Indians that explores encountered?

There were 4 basic groups, depending on the standard you use. 1. Eastland and or Woodland Native Americans - defined by thewooded areas in which they lived. 2. Plains Native Americans - who generally occupied the greatplains. 3. Desert Native Americans - who generally occupied the desertareas of the ( Full Answer )

What American Indian tribe lives in Virginia?

Actually, there are ELEVEN Native American tribes currently recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia. This will take you to the State page with some information on each of the tribes. https://www.nps.gov/jame/learn/historyculture/virginia-indian-tribes.htm

What group of people currently live in American?

Ethnicity: 61.27% White 13.3% Black 5.6% Asian 2.6% Other/multiracial 1.2% Native 0.2% Pacific Islander 17.6% Hispanic or Latino Religion (2015 [7] ) 70.6% Christian 22.8% Unaffiliated 1.9% Jewish 1.8% Other faiths 0.9% Muslim 0.7% Buddhist 0.7% Hindu .

Why would a group of American Indians be called nomadic?

Some tribes of native Americans were nomadic, others were not. For example the plains tribes were nomadic to follow the migrationsof their main food source: Bison herds. But many other tribes were farmers or fishermen that stayed in oneplace.