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The US, due to its imperialist tendencies, had possession of the Philippines, which Japan wanted to occupy due to its strategic position, raw materials, and its own imperialist tendencies. Knowing that they would be forced to fight the United States if they invaded the Philippines, the Japanese made the executive decision to severely cripple the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor before launching an invasion of the Philippines. This attack on December 7, 1941, galvanized the American populace under Roosevelt to enter World War II against the Japanese. In response, Hitler and Mussolini declared war against the United States, drawing the US into the European front as well.

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Q: What American and Japanese imperialism in the Pacific led to American entry into World War 2?
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How did Japanese imperialism affect World War 2?

unquestioned discipline of the Japanese soldiers and civilians!

Is the world a victim of American cultural imperialism?

i wish

How did european imperialism impact cultural change in east asia and the pacific world?


Did the Atlantic Charter demonstrated American imperialism after World War 2?

No. The Atlantic Charter rejected imperialism.

What was the bloodiest World War 2 battle that took place in the Pacific?

The bloodiest battle of the Pacific War claimed more than 150000 Japanese and American casualties.It Was Battle Of Okinawa

Battle of midway?

The battle of Midway took place in the pacific during World War 2. it was Fought between the Japanese and The American militaries.

Where did America fight the Japanese in World War 2?

in the pacific

Where did america fight the japanese in world war ii?

in the Pacific. A+

What event marks the beginning of Japanese imperialism in World War 2?

bombing in pearl harbor

What Japanese attack on what American territory in the South Pacific initiated the US involvement in World War 2?

The bombing of Pearl Harbor. In Oahu, Hawaii.

Imperialism in a sentence?

Japanese imperialism projected them into World War 2 in 1941; after the war the nation adopted a constitution and approach which put this behind them, to become a peaceful democracy.

Did the Japanese fight in Germany in World War 2?

No, the Japanese were never involved with fighting in Europe. The Japanese only fought in the pacific.

What is midway in World War 2?

it was the first great sea battle between aircaft carriers and their planes in the pacific resulting in the sinking of 4 Japanese carriers and 1 American it was the turning point of the pacific war

How did the Japanese try to build a pacific empire?

to get along with the rest of the world

How and why did the Pacific War start in World?

The war in the Pacific was precipitated by a Japanese attack upon Pearl harbor . The Japanese sought to expand their empire by crippling US forces assigned to the Pacific for military duty .

What battle during World War 2 in the Pacific where the island was occupied by the Japanese and later recaptured by American forces under General MacArthur?

The Phillipine Islands.

How did the attack on Pearl Harbor relate to the Spanish American war?

It didn't. The Spanish American War was almost half a century before World War II and had nothing whatsoever to do with Hawaii. Michael Montagne In the recent book "Flyboys" (highly recommended) the author makes some interesting connections between European/Western imperialism and the Japanese imperialism that led up to World War II and the attack on Pearl Harbor. During the Spanish-American War the US kicked the imperialist Spanish out of the Americas, but in some ways, replaced it with an American brand of imperialism. The Japanese believed they were exercising the same sort of power over their own backyard in Asia.

What did Douglas MacArthur do during World War 2?

He Beat the Japanese, in the Pacific

What did 'Australia' do in World War 2?

Fought the Japanese in the Pacific

What did Douglas macarther do in world warII that was important?

He defeated the Japanese in the Pacific Ocean!

What army feared the Japanese in World War 2 in the Pacific?

The USA army

How did American imperialism start World War 1?

there was just not enough roasted chicken

What was the military goal of the US in the Pacific during World War 2?

The military goal of the US in the Pacific during World War 2 was Japanese surrender.

What caused the Pacific War?

The war in the Pacific was the portion of World War 2 where we battled the Japanese forces. We fought in the Phillipines, Japanese islands, Guam, Guadalcanal and many other islands through out the Pacific. The cause was that the Japanese wanted to expand their territory by ruling as much of the world as possible and in that effort they had attacked countries all around them. The island countries of the Pacific were just part of that effort.

What is the Asian theater in World War 2?

You are thinking of the Pacific Theater or PTO (Pacific Theater of Operations). It is the U.S. versing the Japanese.