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What Animal floats in water?

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An animal that floats in water might include a duck or a swan. Many birds are able to float on top of the water easily.

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Which is the only animal that floats on water and why?

jesus cus hes such an animal

Do a plastic ruler floats in water?

yes, it floats on water.

Do cattail floats on water?

Yes. It floats on water

Can water float on water?

Of course. Fresh water floats on salt water, warmer water floats on cooler water, and ice floats on any water.

Does pumice floats in water?

pumice floats in water because it does

How does ice floats on water?

It is less dense than water, therefore it floats on water.

Why lithium floats on water?

Lithium floats on water because it is less dense than water.

What one floats on top when you mix kerosene and water?

Kerosene floats on water.

What is the only rock that floats in water?

Pumice is the only rock that floats in water.

Ice floats in water because?

Ice floats in water because it is less dense than water.

Why does kerosene floats on water?

kerosene floats on water because kerosene is less denser than water

Why wood floats on water?

the density of water is higher than the density of wood... & so an iron piece sinks & a ton of wood floats...

How can water float on water?

freeze water as ice cubes then put it on water and it floats Liquid fresh water floats on salt water Warm water floats on cold water (water's greatest density is when it is 4 degrees Celsius).

A rock that floats in water?

Pumice is a type of rock that floats on water. This volcanic rock floats because it is porous and is full of air bubbles

Why empty plastic bottle floats and bottle full of water sinks?

It floats because the water is heaver then the bottle. The bottle is light so it floats. No,It floats because the particles are free to move inside but with water in it there is not enough space for the particles to move so it floats.

Why do fresh egg floats in water?

A fresh egg sinks in water. An egg that floats in water should not be eaten.

What type of marine life floats near the surface of the water and consist of microscopic plant like and animal protists?


Why does a piece of charcoal floats on water?

Because that piece of charcoal is lighter that the water, so it floats.

Does paper floats in water or not?

Yes, paper is less dense than water, so it floats.

Why ice floats on water and does not sink?

Ice is less dense than water, so it floats.

Ice floats beacuse?

Ice floats on water because its density is less than that of water.

If a substance floats in water is it more or less dense than water?

If an object floats in water it is less dense than water.

What floats on water sinks to the bottom then floats?

a fibrous bowel movement

How did they transport water in the 1900s?

they used boats and floats, ICECREAM FLOATS

What kind of cheese floats on water?

BABYBEL cheese made at 100 degree fahernheit floats in water