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Brachial Artery

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Q: What Artery is usually palpated to take blood pressure?
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When checking a blood pressure the name of artery that is palpated is?

radial is the artery that is palpated when checking a blood pressure

What is the artery palpated above the medial malleolus?

The artery palpated above the medial malleolus is the posterior tibial artery. The posterior tibial artery caries blood to the posterior compartment of the leg and foot.

Difference between auscultated and palpated blood pressure?

Auscultated (listening) bp is done using a stethoscope to listen for a return of pulse, usually in the brachial artery, as pressure is released from a bp cuff. Palpated (touched/felt) bp is done by feeling for a return of pulse, usually in the radial or brachial arteries, as pressure is released from a bp cuff.

If the Blood pressure palpated which is felt systolic or diastolic?

usually the systolic, as that is the one when the heart is actually pumping. usually reported as palpated 70 or whatever reading there was.

What artery is usually used to determine blood pressure?

bronchial artery

What it called when the pressure of the blood is against the artery walls?

The rhythmic pressure of the blood against artery walls is the pulse. A measure of the pressure of blood against artery walls is known as blood pressure.

When a pulse is palpated and counted which blood pressure would be a characteristic at that moment?


Which artery is typically used to measure blood pressure?

Normally you use the brachial artery to measure blood pressure.

what artery is blood pressure greatest in?

Blood pressure is greatest in the aorta.

Which artery has the highest blood pressure in body?

The Aorta Artery

What is the artery that is used when measuring blood pressure?

The Brachial artery.

The artery used for taking blood pressure?

The brachial artery is the most common one used in taking blood pressure.

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