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What do fairies like to drink?

Depends on the fairy. Forest fairies, they drink acorn juice. Some drink acorn soup. Water fairies drink water, (all fairies drink water though) but they also drink fish oil. Helps keep them healthy. Land fairies drink mainly water. Animal fairies drink water or animal blood. They are not vampire fairies, but they do drink the blood to get to know the chemical makeup of the animal. Strange, I know. Forest, water, land and animal fairies are the main fairies.

Do koalas drink fresh or salt water?

Koalas rarely drink, but when they do, they drink only fresh water. No Australian marsupials can live on saltwater.

Who is the animal that drink water in a year and after drink dead?


Do wild geckos drink water?

Yes, every animal will need to drink water.

Do eagles drink or do they only get moisture from their food?

Eagles drink the water for the animal they kill and they also drink the blood from the animal

What is the biggest Australian animal?

The salt water crocodile.

Which animal does not drink water throughout its life?

The answer is Kangaroo Rat. It will not drink water throughout its life.

Do mink drink water?

As minks are a semi aquatic animal, yes they would drink water.

Which animal is known not to drink water?


Which animal will not drink from running water?


Who animal does not drink water in his life?


What animal drink water by its tail?


Which animal do ot drink water?

All animals drink water. Water is a survival requirement for all living things.

What do werewolfes drink?

Werewolves drink water and the blood of their animal kills. NOT OUR OWN!!!

What does it mean when a animal consumes water?

consume means to eat/drink so it just means the animal is having a drink

Is it safe to drink lake water?

no...the water has bacteria, animal and plant lives!! DO NOT DRINK UNLESS YOU DON'T HAVE A CHOICE!!

Which animal doesnt drink water?

Koala bears.

Which animal drink water after a year and then die?


What animal does not need to drink water to survive?


What is an animal that cant drink salt water?


Which animal does not drink water at all?

Kangaroo Rat

Why do farmers have to give animals water?

Any animal will need to drink. If a animal doesn't drink, it will get weak and possible pass away.

What do Tasmanian devils drink?

Like all native Australian animals, adult Tasmanian devils drink water. Joeys drink mothers' milk.

What do kiwis drink?

Like every animal on the plantet they drink water! though sometimes they dont drink much because they get there water from the food they eat.

What do deer drink?

Water, preferably clean fresh running water but they will drink from ponds,lakes and domestic animal water troughs when available.