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Stalingrad and Midway.

Stalingrad - in the broader scope - meant the destruction of a third of the German armed forces, as well as the destruction of her allied armies (Romania, Hungary and Italy's expeditionary corps in USSR). Germany never recovered, but was yet powerful enough to delay defeat a further two years.

Midway meant the destruction of the Japanese surface fleet dominance, a central ability to warfare in the Pacific. Japan also never recovered, but was able to delay defeat with considerable tenacity for years, wholly without prospect of victory.

Stalingrad was a disaster but even though the German Army was bigger and more powerfull in 1943. The Russians that drove the Germans back from Stalingrad were stopped and crushed by Feild marshall Von Mainstien ( Planned the invasion of France) and 6 new SS panzer divisions. Stalin wrote that never had he been so close to defeat. Von Mainstiens attack ground to a halt in the mud but he wanted to begin again a few months later when the ground froze Hitler decided to wait until the following summer so the new panther and Tiger tanks could be used Von Mainstien called this milatary suicide and the Germans were malled at Kurst. It was this battle that they never recoverd from. Shangster

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What were the Home Fronts of World War ii?

The effort to make war materiel by the civillian populations in countries opposed to the Axis.

What Did The Battle of Stalingrad Contributed To?

It contributed to the World War 2. To be exact, the World War effort in Europe as the battle was a key turning point for WW2 in Europe for the Allies against the Axis.

What do you get when you multiply effort force by the effort arm distance?

In physics, moment is a combination of a physical quantity, like force, and a distance. For example, a moment of force is the product of of a force and its distance from an axis, which causes rotation about the axis.

What does it mean when a machine has a mechanical advantage?

actually mechanical advantage is the ratio of load to effort. it is the measure of the effort required to move the load. its maximum value is given by 1/m where m is the slope of graph plotted with load on X axis and effort on Y axis. hope your got the answer.

How did the Axis Forces win World War 1?

There was no Axis powers in World War I--and the Axis powers LOST World War II.

What axis tilt?

the world is on the axis and the axis is tilted. the axis runs through the north pole and south pole.

What changed the world from Axis powers?

During World War II, the Axis powers were defeated.

To turn on axis?

There are many things that can turn on an axis in this world. Turning on an axis is called rotation.

What was the name of Germany Italy and Japan during World War 2?

They were referred to as the Axis Powers.AxisThe Axis. They got this name because the world revolves around an axis and, if victorious, would revolve around their power.The Axis Powers .they were "axis forces".

What is meant by total war?

It's a term similar to other large wars like World War II. It's when a country puts forth every effort it has to wage war on another axis or world power.

What if the axis powers won world war two?

the whole world would belong to the axis powers

Who where the axis in world war 2?

The Axis were Germany, Italy and Japan.

Who were the axis World War 2?

Axis : Germany , Japan and Italy .

Can a tsunami change the axis of the world?

No for it does not affect the axis for some reasons.

How many Axis powers were in World War 2?

10 axis powers were during world war 2 10 axis powers were during world war 2 10 axis powers were during world war 2 I believe there were six axis powers in the world war 2... I found it out of my younger brother's History Book from his school

How did women helped in World War I and 2?

By filling in for men in factories that were very hard at work producing weapons and ammunition for the war effort to win and beat the Central-Powers in World War 1 and beat the Axis- powers in World War 2.

Are soviets in world war 2 an axis or a allie?

They were both. They started out as axis, but then moved to allied after the axis betrayed them.

What were the names of the two opposing forces in world war 2?

The Allies and the Axis.Allies and Axis

Did Germany join the allied or axis power in World War 2?


What sentence can you make using the word axis?

The world rotates on it's axis.

Who were main axis in World War 2?

The Axis were Germany, Japan and Italy.

What is world ranking of Axis Bank?

axis banks words position is 89

What was the role of both the Allied and Axis World War 2?

the allies role in world war 2 was to liberate Europe & the pacific against the axis the axis role in world war 2 was to take over the world & execute Jews

Who lost in world world 2?

The Axis Lost.

How many Axis soldiers died in World War 2?

6,310,000 axis soldiers died in World War II