What BTU will one foot of three quarter inch fin tube baseboard hydronic heater produce with 100 degree f water entering?

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Most output ranging from 560 to 600 btuh per foot, this is with 170 F water temps. I have no way to know your specifics from where I am.
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How many btu's in 4 foot hydronic baseboard heater?

You will need to give more information. The Btu's of baseboard is determined by the water temperature and the type and size of the element. Copper fin tube (copper pipe with a

How do you wire three electric hydronic baseboard heaters and a wall mount t-stat?

Assuming they are all serving the same room and you are talking about 110 volts. Wire the 3 heat strips in parallel and break the power source feeding the closest one to the s
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How does one install Slant Fin baseboards?

Slant Fin baseboards are high efficiency baseboards that can be bought at many different locations. They are simply and easy to install using either glue or finishing nails.
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