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5000,000 people died in WW2 and familes farthers died in war Yes alot of things- -Unified Germany -Improved medicine and all our knowledge about it. -Hitler was a bad guy that got a bad rap...he actually killed he is so evil!!!! just because he let it happen...nobody else did this so why did he because he was public about it and did it to people not of his country....America didnt do it....just Hilter

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Q: What Bad Things Came Out Of World War 2?
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What bad things came from world war 1?

World War 2 and an economic depression.

Bad things that come from war?

The bad things that came from war that many people died!

What are bad things that came out of the Spanish American War?

i dont now

What happen in China world war 2?

Answer:bad bad things that's because of japan.

What are some good things that came out of World War 2?

Captain America.

What were things like in the US during world war 2?

Life was pretty bad for the poor, but not as bad as the depress; on that the war ended.

What were the effects on England from World War 1?

Bad things stuff stuff

What bad things did Benito Mussolini did durning World War 2?


What would have happened if Germany would have won world war 1?

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What were three bad things that came out of ww2 and atomic bombing?

The killing of hundreds humans, the radiation sickness and the cold war.

Was World War I good or bad?

world war 1 was very bad

What would have happened if the Nazi's won World War 2?

Things would be very bad

When wasMy Favorite things song written?

It is originally from "The Sound of Music" which came out during World War I.

What is killing the world?

Alot of things are killing the world. I can list some things. War global warming betrayal bad deeds and much much more

When did the First World War came to an end?

World War One came to an end in November 1918.

Did they save food for the World War 2?

No because it came unexpected that world war two came

What war came before World War 2?

World War 1

What came first the civil war World War I or World War 2?

The Civil War came first, from 1861 to 1864. World War 1 was from 1914 to 1918. World War 2 was from 1939 to 1945.

What was the reasons the World War I came about after World War 2?

Well, it didnt :3 He or She is right ^^^^^^ World war 2 came after world war 1 not before. Hope this helps T.M.M :-)

What will happen if Gaddafi wins the Libya war?

bad things bad things my friend

What were three major innovations that came out of the World War I?

What were three major innovations that came out of the World War 1?

How many troups came back from World War I?

25,000 people came back from world war 1

What came before World War II?

World War 1

Was World War I Bad?

quite bad

How bad was it in the World War 2?