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What Countries got their freedom after world war 2?


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After World War II, countries like Pakistan, Vietnam and Ireland gained their independence. After World War II, the Cold War began and lasted until the fall of the Soviet Union.


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You got the war wrong..... IT was world war 2

i got told that over 30 countries got dragged in because each country owned other countries !

They were Allies, since that's how World War I really got started. Countries were tangled up in webs with other countries, so when one got into the war, many had to follow it.

women gained rights to vote, Europe's countries, and women's freedom

Freedom to take over countries without resistence.

A group of countries that share a democratic ideal of freedom -APEX

World war 2 was a devastating time for all. Many countries, that wanted no part in the fighting and confusion unwillingly got sucked in the chaos. Countries such as the Phillipines.

most countries got dragged into war by being told by another country that if they didn't unite with them then they would regret it.

it was forced to fight against the other countries

what was the countries which was defeated in world war one

French Belgian Italian German States: Prussia, Wurtenberg, Saxon, Bavaria Austria-Hungary Portugal Poland Greece Bulgaria Albania & Bosnia-Herzogovinia Rumania Russia Turkey Commonwealths of UK: Australia Canada United States (after 1917) ww1 was called a world war because most of the countries around the world got involved in it. ww1 was called a world war because most of the countries around the world got involved in it. ww1 was called a world war because most of the countries around the world got involved in it.

A world war is a war who is included every countries

what countries wre defeated in world war 1

freedom like a war world 2 there was a war and people stared to vote to stop the war so constution is freedom

they got sent to the countryside or even other countries!

When countries all over the world are in a war.

France and Germany were the last two countries in World War 1.

Germany Was the main cause of WWII. France, UK got involved and then the USA. And lots of Jewish Countries.

to get freedom Australia had to go to a war because people from other countries are destroying Australia.

World War I began in Bosnia/Serbia, when three young Serbs killed the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, sparking rivalry between the countries. World War I ended when they got bored of fighting....

Pretty sure it doesn't anymore i think the world got over it. maybe...

How many countries took part in the world war two?

it is because it was the second time they have faught. Many countries did not want to fight again because they had peace treaty of versailles. The people that betrayed the treaty got in to trouble.

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