What Detroit tiger was in jail for drugs?

There was not a Detroit Tiger in jail for drugs. I think you are mixing the story with a player arrested for drunk-driving. Yes, back in early October 2009, Miguel Cabrera, the Tigers All-Star first baseman and slugger, was arrested two days before the end of the season and in the middle of a pennant race. He went out drinking with his buddies (who played for the opposing Chicago White Sox-who were not in contention for the Division title but were currently playing the Tigers that weekend) and had a BA of 0.33. DURING THE OFF-SEASON CABRERA STRAIGHTENED OUT HIS LIFE AND IS NOW ALCOHOL FREE! Since he fixed his drinking problems, Cabrera is having a stellar 2010 year and has a huge possibility at winning the first triple crown in 40+ years (leads the AL in HRs, Batting Average, and RBIs).