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They were in the Disney Channel Original Movie called "Cow Belles" in 2006.

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Q: What Disney channel movies has Aly and Aj been in?
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What are all the movies aly and aj played in?

Aly and AJ mostly played singles in Disney Channel Movies. Minutemen and Twitches 1 are notable movies that they played in. After a short break the girls are forming a band together.

Does aly and aj still star on Disney channel?

They used to. But not anymore. Well, at least not in Japan, where I live. But Aly and AJ is on many Disney channel TV shows including Phil of the future. They are also on a film called 'Minutemen' which is on Disney channel.

How did aly and aj become famuos?

Aly and AJ primarily became famous for singles on disney channel movies. They then expanded to make whole soundtracks. They are now back forming a new band called 78violet.

Are any Disney channel stars a Mormon?

Yes, Aly and AJ are mormon.

What breed is aly and aj's puppies?

The sisters that are musicians and have their song on the disney channel have a shitzu puppy. Aly's puppy is named Roadie and AJ's puppy is named Willow.

Do aly and aj smoke?

Aly and AJ reportedly do not smoke or drink. The girls became famous through Disney Channel. They are currently creating a band named 78violet together.

What made Aly and AJ famous?

Aly and Aj's first studio album "Into the Rush" gained them fame. Two of the singles from that album were featured on the Walt Disney Channel which gave them more exposure.

What is the song of minute men that aly and aj sang?

Minutemen is a Disney Channel original movie. Aly and AJ sing a song named "Like Whoa." The song shows how the lead trio build a time machine.

What is aly and aj's YouTube channel?


How did aly and aj become famous?

Their first record was released by Disney who knew of Aly from Phil of the Future.

What is the name of that Disney channel movie about two blonde girls who work with their dad at his factory?

I believe it's the 2006 movie Cow Belles, staring Aly and AJ Michalka.

What are aly and ajs real names?

Aly for 'Alyson & Aj for Amanda joy.Aly and Aj are singers you may of heard of them from 'Disney Chanel.

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