What Do You understand By Advertising?

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What are the four stages in the development of relationships between media and advertising?

1.) To understand the importance of using the specified media for advertising effectiveness. 2.) To exchange ideas on advertising design. 3.) Discuss the options for creation of advertising design. 4.) Create a contract with outlines on appropriate advertising placement and procedures.

Influence of advertising on consumer buying decision?

Advertising helps make consumers become informed about available products. Advertisements highlight the features of the product so that customers can understand the benefits to them.

What is through-the-line marketing?

i think it is one form of advertising pointing to another form of advertising there by crossing the line...for eg:- a radio promo pointing to an instore activity...this is what i could understand from wikipedia....

Difference between advertising and promotion?

Its probably. Basically, both of them are same meaning.Promotion is word which comes from America,we can understand "Promotion" is such as reality activities to advertise goods.Advertising is more popular word that we use commonly.Frequently, Advertising is placed on newspaper, TV or poster...Im summary, Promotion and Advertising are methods to promote selling products.

9 type of advertising?

# Business to Business Advertising (B to B) # Business to Comsumer Advertising (B to C) # Direct Response Advertising (DR) # General Awareness Advertising (GA) # Brand Development Advertising # Online Advertising # Print Advertising # TV/Radio Advertising # Press/PR # Promotional Advertising (This one is extra)

What has the author Alfred Eisenpreis written?

Alfred Eisenpreis has written: 'Print advertising for shopping centers' -- subject(s): Advertising, Advertising copy, Advertising media planning, Advertising, Magazine, Advertising, Newspaper, Magazine Advertising, Newspaper Advertising, Shopping centers

B2b advertising and b2c advertising different?

YES b2c advertising includes, advertising for the consumers 1) National. 2) Retail. 3) Direct Response 4) End product. whereas b2b advertising includes: Industrial Advt Institutional Advt Trade Advt and Professional Advt.

Why do think marketers and advertisers need to understand who their target market is before positioning their product in advertisement?

There's not much point in offering a product to a market that doesn't want or need the product. Advertising mediums can be expensive, advertising that doesn't work is a waste of money. Finding the right (most opportune) market improves the likelihood of success in your advertising.

3 advantages of advertising by TV?

1. Increased reach (Global audience) 2. Easy to understand 3. Can be changed as per the audience's response

Difference between advertising and advertising campaign?

Advertising - is a hole notion. Advertising campain - is concrete actions for advertising and promoting company, idea, product, people etc. For example you have all advertising for milk. And you have advertising company "Got milk?"

How do you spell advertising?


What is commercial advertising?

In order to understand commercial advertising one must grasp the concept of commercial advertiser. Commercial advertiser means to generate increased consumption and awareness of ones product with the use or uses of product branding.Commercial Advertising uses commercials and mass multi-media to increase the product branding through the use of large scale advertising.A good sentence for the word commercial advertising would be best used like this.Q: Who did your company branding?A: Gorgeous Advertising was responsible for creating my commercial advertising and I finally have a Company Logo, Wordpress Website, CD Business Cards and a 30 sec Commercial on Spike TV.

How does product advertising differ from institutional advertising under what conditions will they be used?

How does product advertising differ from institutional advertising under what conditions will they be used?How does product advertising differ from institutional advertising under what conditions will they be used?

Direct mailing advertising is the most effective form of advertising.?

Direct mailing advertising is the most effective form of advertising.

Is banner advertising related to outdoor advertising?

Yes, any advertisement done outdoor to promote a business is [[outdoor advertising]]. Banner advertising is also a type of outdoor advertising.

What is institutional advertising?

What is institutional advertising

Is there advertising on

no strictly no advertising.

Examples of unethical advertising?

An example of unethical advertising is when the advertising contains lies. A lie or falsehood is the foundation of all unethical advertising.

What is creative advertising?

Creative advertising is advertising that sells. It's not necessarily clever, witty or memorable. It's advertising that simply works.

What is advertising budget?

An advertising budget is a predetermined amount of currency set aside for the sole purpose of advertising. An advertising budget may be segmented even further through various advertising mediums such as television may get 40% of the advertising budget and online 20% of the advertising budget, and so on.

What is the role of the advertising manager?

The role of an advertising manager is to oversee the company's advertising efforts

What is umbrella advertising?

It refers to advertising of a company as a whole as opposed to advertising a single product

What is advertising appropriation?

The word appropriation is a noun. An advertising appropriation is the amount of money a company or organization plans to spend on advertising. It is their advertising budget.

What does Advertising Media mean?

Advertising media is the channel a company uses to get their advertising to customers. Television and radio are some examples of advertising media.

What are the six different kinds of print media?

The six different types of print media are: Newspaper Advertising Magazine Advertising Direct Mail Directory Advertising Outdoor Advertising Transit Advertising