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What a great company! They are letting you know that you are still in the running for the position. You could give them a call and/or send them a note saying that you are still very interested in the position and look forward to hearing from them.

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What is the function of email?

Emails allow people to send messages to people over the internet. A person must have a unique email address to send and receive emails.

What can be done about email harassment?

You can choose to "block" the emails that you receive from certain people. You can also report the person for spam emails as well.

How do you count the number of emails you sent to different people?

You go to your sent items in you email account thing ank at how many you have sent. Then you count each email you sent to the person. Then you will know how many emails you sent to that person. Repeat this method to find out how many emails you sent to other people.

How can emails help with school work?

it doesent you stuped person some people are so stuped LIKE YOU

What is an email sent to more then one person at the same time?

If sent to a very large number of people, this email is called "mass email". If not solicited, it's called "spam". Emails sent to more then one person are emails that arrive at a number of inboxes with the same copy. This emails have more then one single recipient address.

Significant life events?

moments in life that will never be forgotten. Whether that's never forgotten in history of never forgotten by a single person.

How do you search multiple emails on Facebook?

A person can search multiple emails on Facebook by typing the emails into the search box. If there is an email associated with a user, it will appear in the box.

What is the average number of emails for an person?

100 million

What do you call a person who emails?

you call them e-pals

Why are spam emails sent?

Spam emails are sent to reach as many people as possible. The idea is that if 10% of people who see the information click the link, the more people who receive the email the better. If a message goes to 10 people, only 1 person reads it. If the message goes to 100 people, 10 people read it and that's more interest.

What are the disadvantages of emails?

There are actually quite a few disadvantages of using email. Emails are not nearly as personal as actually talking to a person.

What happen if you try to forget the person but the person keep coming in your dream?

It means that you have not forgotten the person, that the person is still important to you. When you try to suppress something from your conscious mind, it will often express itself in dreams. An excellent analysis of the role of dreams in the psyche can be found in the works of Sigmund Freud.

Who informs people that a flood is coming?

The evacuation sirens warn the people a flood is coming but i dont think the person that turns on the sirens has a name. I think it could be a random people but they have to be authorized.

Was Paul Revere a colonial person?

yes. he was he was there to tell people that the British were coming

How do you trust that forgotten person again?

Trust must be earned.

How do you organize your working day?

A person can organize their day in many ways, including by importance. People can start their day by answering emails and returning phone calls.

Are emails better than phone calls?

depends what it is. think about how the person will react in both ways, and think how they would react if many people saw what you were saying

Do Irish people have green blood?

No, Irish people don't have green blood. We're Irish people, not leprechauns. This is coming from an Irish person.

What action can be taken against bad emails?

Legally you can police, but the problem is that those emails are almost impossible to track. But if you know the person you can claim like harassment.

How do you make a lot of money raking leaves?

It depends which person you work for. if that person will pay you , rake their yard. if you don't have a buisness yet, let people know around your neiborhood with flyers, emails, phonecalls, buisness cards, or speak to them in person.

What is the world record for most emails sent to one person in a day?


How long does it take for Tumblr staff to reply to emails?

24-48 person

What is a Remembrall in Harry Potter?

A remembrall is a clear ball that turns red when you have forgotten something.

Why do schizophrenics mumble to themselves?

They think that they are talking to a separate person, or that "People are coming through the walls to get them."

How many times is a wallet forgotten?

depends what type of person you are a forgetter or a person who usually doesnt forget things