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Because of a lot of mixing, absorbing, and

overlapping roles of many Egyptian gods, there is often more than

one god who could easily be mocked by one or

more of God's plagues in Exodus:

1. Nile water into blood

a. Hapi: god of the Nile

2. Frogs

a. Heket, Hekhet, or Heqt: Egyptian goddess of Fertility,

Water, Renewal; frog-headed

3. Gnats or Lice from dust

a. Geb: Egyptian god of the Earth; also

b. Khepri: Egyptian god of creation, movement of the

Sun, rebirth; beetle-headed

c. Thoth: one time considered god of magic,

failed along with magicians (or priests) to duplicate

conjuring of gnats or lice.

4. Flies (gadflies)

a. Khepri: Egyptian god of resurrection, creation,

movement of the Sun, rebirth; beetle-headed

5. Cattle/livestock disease

a. Hathor: goddess of love and protection; possibly

absorbed Bat, the cow-headed goddess.

b. bull cult gods Apis, Buchis, and Mneuis

c. bulls sometimes considered embodiment of Ptah and Ra

6. Boils

a. Isis: goddess of medicine and peace

b. Im-Hotep: real person turned deity, patron of wisdom and medicine

c. Sekhmet: lion-headed deity of plagues, believed to

bring about or prevent epidemics or pestilence

7. Thunder/hail

a. Nut: Sky goddess

b. Shu: god of air; associated with calm or cooling

c. Tefnut: goddess of water/moisture; linked to sun and moon

d. Seth: associated primarily with chaos

but also thunder, the desert, and infertility.

8. Locusts

a. Senehem: possibly locust-headed, god of protection

from ravages of pests

9. Darkness

a. Ra or Amon-Ra: god of the sun

b. Horus: sky god; sun was his right eye, moon his left.

10. Death of the firstborn

a. Pharaoh himself

b. Min: god of reproduction

c. Ra: god who was believed to create all things

d. Anubis: god of the dead and embalming;

Ex 11:7 refers to no dogs barking,

possibly referring to jackal(or dog)-headed

Anubis having no power over Israelites during this plague.

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Q: What Egyptian gods were the ten plagues by God attacking?
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How many plagues were there on egypt?

Ten plagues fell upon Egypt - one for each of their gods showing the supremacy of the Hebrew God - the God of Creation.

Why were there 10 plagues?

The 10 plagues were supposed to prove that God exists and to convince Pharaoh to free the Israelites from Egyptian captivity.

Who is the egyptian god of gods?

Amun was the King of Gods

Why were the 10 plagues sent?

because the Pharaoh refused gods warning so god sent down the 10 plagues

What power did Amun the Egyptian god have?

He was god of the gods

What did sun the Egyptian god do?

There are solar gods and goddesses but there is no Egyptian god called "Sun".

What creatures did god send as plagues to the Egyptian pharaoh?

1. Frogs 2. Flies

How many plagues did mosses put on the egyptians?

God sent ten plaques on the Egyptian.

What were the gods of the horus?

Horus is a Egyptian god, there are many gods identified with him.

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Aton was different because he was the god of monotheistic gods when Egyptian belief was all about many gods and monotheism is one god

What is the Egyptian god of war?

Horus was a Egyptian war god, but so too were many gods and goddesses.

Was Ra the Egyptian sun god?

Yes Ra was the Egyptian sun god and king of all gods.

Who is Egyptian god of nature?

The Egyptian god of earth was Geb; there were other nature gods and goddesses but he was the chief of them.

What are the names of the Egyption Gods?

Ra- god of sun Anubis- god of death Amon-Re- The Egyptian god Isis- The Egyptian goddess Horus- The Egyptian falcon god God Orisis and Seth the Egyptian god

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Yes monthu is not the only Egyptian god of war

What is the codes for the 3 Egyptian god cards?

the Egyptian gods do not have card codes.

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There were many Egyptian gods and goddesses, below are links to them.

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The main god was Ra.

When was Egyptian god Seth BORN?

Gods are not born

What was khufu's religious views?

Well considering he was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, he believed in the traditional ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. The main god above all of the Egyptian gods was Ra the sun god.

Who is the god horus?

The "king" of the egyptian gods. The god of the Sky, god of War and god of Protection.

Who were the 2 most important Egyptian gods?

2 of the most important Egyptian gods: 1. Ra or Re - the sun god 2. Osiris - god of the Afterlife

Who was the first ever ancient Egyptian god?

Ra the king of Egyptian gods (1st)

Why did set the Egyptian believe in so many gods?

Set was a god, not a Egyptian.

Why did the Egyptian pharaoh free the Hebrews?

God brought plagues upon him (Exodus ch.7-12).