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member = m ember ----

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โˆ™ 2009-07-28 17:03:25
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Q: What English word means burning wood when you take away the first letter of the word?
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What word means burning wood when its first letter is erased?

Member= m Ember

What is a five letter word that means like burning rubber?


What English word means 'first in importance'?

The English word that means "first in importance" is primary, from Latin primus "first".

What the first pillar mean in English?

it means faith in English

A word that starts with the letter i in french?

A word that starts with the letter i in french is: iténiraire. In English this means an itinerary, which is a schedule of plans. another word that starts with the letter i is interessante which means interesting in English.

What does y mean in English?

It means nothing by itself, it's just a letter. If However you are translating it from Spanish to English it means And

What does quien escribe la carta mean in English?

It means who writes the letter in English.

What does d'abord mean in English?

d'abord means 'first / firstly' in English.

What does primero mean in English?

It means First.

5 letter word that means to dish out in English?


What does 'Ano ang unang letra sa salitang bayani' mean in English?

Translated in English, it means, "What is the first letter of the word 'bayani'"? Bayani means Hero in English. But the word bayani is used formally for national heroes and such. not on an everyday casual conversation.

What is the English word for the spanish word primera?

primera in English means first.

What is a 4 letter word that's deffionation means a black substance that comes from burning wood?


What is a 11 letter word that means smart in spanish?

inteligente. It literally means intelligent in english.

What is Prรฉnom in English?

Prénom means "first name" in English.I believe that that is french and would be used as a first name.

What does the word emero mean in English?

It means the first .

What do primer nombre means in English?

First number.

In Morse code translated to English what does dot dot dot mean?

In English, ... means the letter "S".

What is 'esse' when translated from Italian to English?

Esse in Italian means "(the letter) s" in English.

What is a animal in Spanish that has the letter x in it?

xilócopo- in English it means bees

What does premieres mean in English?

As an adjective it means "the first ones". Used as a noun it means "first performances of movies".

What does Mona Kai Hal Hain means in English?

Learn some English first.

What 3 letter word has an apostrophe after the first letter?

I've is a word that means I have. I'll is a word that means I will.

What does le premier etage mean in English?

Le means the premier means first stage means floor therefore the first floor

What is primero in English?

Primero means first like if you came in first in a race