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Q: What Exhibit Is To Display As Send Is To?
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Related Questions

Is exhibit an adverb?

No. Exhibit can be a verb (to display) or a noun (a display or viewing).

Is display a preposition?

No. Display can be a noun (exhibit) or a verb (to show).

What is the term for a display of masterpieces in a museum?

This display is called an exhibit.

What is a synonym for display?

NOUN: exhibit, presentation, representation, performance, exposition VERB (to display): exhibit, present, uncover, unveil

What is another name for display?


What word means to display in public?

Exhibit means display in public.

Synonym for exhibits?

display, exhibit, showing, show

How do you spell exhitbit?

The correct spelling is "exhibit" (display).

What is a word that means to show?

Display, promote or exhibit.

Synonym of represent?

display, illustrate, portray, exhibit, narrate

What does exhibit mean?

To show something to the public Its a synonym for display.

What is gender display?

The display of emotion that each gender should exhibit based on social and cutural norms.

Another word for display?

Exhibit is another word for display. Additional synonyms include presentation and demonstration.

Were there tiger sharks on display at the main exhibit at living seas Epcot at Disney world in November 2003?

No. The tiger sharks that were on display at the main exhibit at Disney world in November 2003 were not alive.

What is the noun for exhibit?

A display, a document or piece of evidence (in law)... Depends on how it is supposed to be used in the sentence, because exhibit is its own noun. IE: Excitedly, the children clustered around the exhibit.

Another word for in front of an audience?

act, present, show ?! Display Exhibit

Exibit is to display as send is to?


What are synonyms of expose?

uncover, reveal, display, exhibit, present, unveil, lay bare

What is the smallest exhibit on display at the madame tussauds waxwork in London?

Tinkerbell from Disney Universe

What does the word display mean?

The word display as a verb means to show, show off, or exhibit. As such, it can be used when referring to characteristics or traits (e.g. this species displays geographical variations).As a noun, a display is likewise an exhibit, or array of items. The noun is separately used for visual devices such computer monitors, indicating the size and type of presentation (e.g. 23" touchscreen display).

Do humans exhibit bilateral symmetry?

All vertebrates including humans display bilateral symmetry.

What is the synonym for the word exhibit?

You did not specify if you mean the noun of the verb. An exhibit is a show or display. You might also say an array or a pageant. A presentation would be another form of exhibit. You could also use the term spectacle or fanfare.

What's the synonym of exhibit?

show, reveal, display, demonstrate, express, indicate, manifest, parade, unveil

What is another word for demonstrate?

Show is another word for demonstrate. Additional synonyms include display and exhibit.

What is synonym for demonstrate?

prove, show, indicate, manifest, make clear, display, indicate, exhibit, illustrate