What Gentile wrote a book in Bible?

Luke, the author of Luke and Acts is commonly considered to have been a Gentile.

If you really mean non-Jew, then all of the New Testament books except those written by Matthew, maybe 1 Peter, and Paul would qualify. The author of Hebrews is unknown, and some of the minor books of Paul have contested authorship.


The term "Jew" was coined in reference to the descendants of the tribe of Judah. Paul was from the tribe of Benjamin.


The above answer to this question is obscure, and it all comes down to definitions and modern mis-understanding.

It is easy to say that a Gentile is someone who is not a jew, but there are 5 usages of the word "jew".


The word "jew" or "Jew" is simply a phonetic contraction of the word "Judah".

One of the first times the word "Jew" appears in the Bible is when the tribe of Judah is fighting some of the other 11 tribes.


A Gentile is not simply someone who is not in the tribe of Judah: it refers to someone who is not descended from any of the 12 tribes of Israel.


It can also be used:

of an individual OR

of a single tribe of Judah OR

of all the 12 tribes of Israel [that is, the country as a whole]

(for example, even today the modern nation of Israel still regards everyone else as Gentiles.)

Not everyone in the land of Judah was from the tribe of Judah.

  • Jesus knew He was from the tribe of Judah (as for example did John & James [Jesus' cousins], Jude and another James [both Jesus' brothers] ),
  • Matthew knew he was from the tribe of Levi
  • Paul knew he was from the tribe of Benjamin
  • Anna knew she was from the tribe of Aser

Just as:

  • Every Californian is American, but not all Americans are Californian .
[that is, they could be from one of the other 51 States of America].


  • A Gentile is a non-jew, but not all non-Jews are Gentiles.

That is:

A Gentile is not from one of the 12 tribes of Israel, but not everyone not in the tribe of Judah are Gentiles [that is, they could be from one of the other 11 Tribes of Israel].

The question would be more accurate and understandable to non-jews if it was re-worded as

" What non-Israelite wrote a book in the Bible?"

Using that definition, the non-Israelite authors of the books of the Bible are:-

In the NewTestament:

  • Luke
  • Titus

In the OldTestament:

  • Job (reason: The book of Job was written before the patriach Israel himself was even born, let alone his 12 sons. This means Job was a Gentile, sor more accurately a non-Israelite, as was also Abraham)
  • Nahum (reason: he was from Elkosh in Iraq, definitely a non-Israelite)

Summary There are 4 books in the entire Bible written by Gentiles.