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Q: What German actions bought about World War2?
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Who was the German leader in the World War2?

Adolf Hitler.

What was the German name for the type of war they practiced at the beginning of world war2?


When did Germany stared world war2?

World War 2 started with the German invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939.

What is the name of the famous German code marchine that the british cracked during world war2?

It was called the Enigma.

Was wORLD WAR1 wrser than world war2?

no world war2 was worser than world war1.

When did the us join world war2?

The U.S./America joined World War2 in 1941

Were there German helicopters in world war2?

Yes, there were. Germany had some 27 models of aircraft classed as either helicopters or autogyros.

Where was world war2?

it was around the world!

Which German army regiments entered Belium on 4 August 1914?

Type your answer here... Where was the Post World War2 conference held?

Did you have to be evacuated in world war2?


Why did adoif Hitler stared wolrd war2?

Adolf Hitler started world war2 because Germany was blamed for world war1 and Adolf Hitler said he will redeem Germany and Adolf Hitler fought in world war2

What did Hitler do after the world war2?

he died

Italy in world war2?


When did World War2 end?


What happened after World War 1 in Malayalam?

world war2

What are facts about world war2?

facts about world war two

What are facts about world war1 and world war2?

they drank out of there shoes

Did people want world war2 after world war 1?


What world events happened after world war2?

people had no food!

Who were the allies in world war2?

The Jedi and the Republic

Did Hitler start world war2?


Is the battle of the bulge in world war2?


Who was on Germany's side in world war2?


In which war was the battle of Britain?

World war2

Was Finland occupied by Germany in World War2?