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Defense of Fortress EuropeThere were bunkers full of Germans loaded with machine guns.

There were also inland defenses. The German army flooded fields (to drown paratroopers, this worked very well) they also had the natural defenses of the Normandy hedgerows, these proved weaknesses in the allied tanks and perfect for ambushes.

on the beaches there were AT mines, tank spikes and holes dug into the beach (a fully equipt soldier would drown in these, the british did this in fear of a German invasion)

These defenses were so good that even the preliminary bombardment by the air forces and naval forces couldn't dislodge the defenders as planned

ANSWERSpecifically, the defence of the Normandy coast was provided by the German 7th Army and the 5th Army located around Caen. The surf line was ridden with all sorts of contraptions such as wooden poles with naval mines on top, X shaped iron hedges, "Belgian gates" (iron A frames meant to stop landing craft), AT and anti-personnel mines and barbed wire.

The overhangs were indeed defended from concrete bunkers and machine-gun nests of which many had survived the initial air and naval bombardment, especially on the American landing beaches, and further inland there were flooded marshes and artillery positions.

One particular defence was 'Rommels Asparagus', spikes designed to impale paratroops.

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Q: What German defenses did the Allies face on D-Day?
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