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Joe Pesci

2007-06-28 00:57:20
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Who is the author of the classic text on policing entitled Police Administration?

O.W. Wilson

How did red bull get its name?

It comes from a character from the classic 1982 feature film entitled 'The Last Unicorn'.

The movie troy is it also a book?

"Troy" was loosely based upon the Greek classic written by Homer entitled " The Iliad " .

Prepare a flow diagram depicting the pathophysiology of bacterial meningitis?

This is well described in the classic text by Robbins, entitled "Pathology".

What classic rock song starts with the words In the beginning?

I know of an Emerson, Lake and Palmer song entitled, From the begininng, one of my favs!!

What old song has lyric my turn to shed some tears my turn to cry?

This is a classic soul track by Bobby Glover entitled "My Turn"

What are the best classic'50's'60's horror films?

Masque of the Red Death with Vincent Price

What actors and actresses appeared in Bad and Classic - 2011?

The cast of Bad and Classic - 2011 includes: Joe Desoto as Craig Paul Maidhof as Detective Barns Connie Maidhof as Jenny North Chelsea Maidhof as Mindy North John Redlinger as Vincent

What type music does Vincent martella like?

He loves classic rock: The Beatles, Elton John, Billy Joel and Rolling Stones and also "new" artists, such as John Mayer and Coldplay.

What is the entire list of furniture for the classical theme in Animal Crossing?

- Classic Table - Classic Sofa - Classic Chair - Classic Desk - Classic Buffet - Classic Vanity - Classic Bed - Classic Bookcase - Classic Wardrobe There is also the classic wallpaper and classic floor but they are not furniture

What is the classic horror style of lighting?

A lot of times they use lowered lights. To see what I mean, try reading the article. Hope this helps. Some refer to the style of lighting as "Vincent Price".

Who is Dan Dare?

Dan Dare is a classic British science fiction hero. Entitled "Pilot of the Future" he appeared in a comic called The Eagle every week from the 'fifties. His perpetual enemy was called "The Mekon"

Does classic sonic like anyone?

classic tails classic amy classic knucles

Does Dave Clark 5 has a song entitled Bernadette?

Yes, "Bernadette" is the name of a Dave Clark Five song. It appears on their 'Five By Five' LP (it's an original composition...not a cover of the Four Tops classic.)

Where can one find a good recipe for hot buttered rum?

One of the places that is sure to have recipes of the classic buttered rum as well as various differences for taste and style is going to be the website that is entitled All Recipes.

What is a sentence for the word classic?

This film is an absolute classic.We had a classic time, didn't we?

Is Dracula a classic?

what makes book classic what makes book classic

What is a sentence for classic?

I want my car to be a classic car.

Is Dracula a classic novel?

what makes book classic what makes book classic

What is the Spanish word for 'classic'?

Clásico is the noun form of "classic" in Spanish.

What is 'classic' when translated from English to Italian?

"Classic" in English is classico in Italian.

What is the best classic BMW?

the best Bmw classic is easily the bmw classic turbo

Who decides if a book is a classic or not?

No one knows how a classic becomes a classic. There is no who decides if a book is really a classic so in reality there are no such things as classics.

What part of speech is classic?

Depending on how it is used, classic can be an adjective or a noun.As an adjective: He drives a classic car.As a noun: His novel has become a classic.

What year did the song Iron man come out?

Iron Man was written/recorded by Black Sabbath in 1970. This classic hard rock/ heavy metal masterpiece is featured on the 1970 (1969 in the UK ) Black Sabbath LP entitled "Paranoid".