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It could be sun burned which happens if there isn't sufficient foilage to protect the peppers.

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Plague is an infectious disease that is caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis transmitted primarily by the bite of fleas from an infected rodent. In humans the disease is called the "black death" as it causes black discolouration of the skin.

It appears he has Huntington's Disease.

Yes, hidradenitis suppuratvia appears to be an autoimmune disease...

A rash appears on the cheek.

No, it is an incurable autoimmune disease. There appears to be some genetic link between family members developing the disease.

If you do that, it appears that you already have a sickness!

There is only one type of Crohns disease. Crohns disease can manifest anywhere in the digestive tract but it is the same disease no matter where it appears.

No, vitiligo appears to be an autoimmune disorder.

The type of green vegetable that protects against dementia and Alzheimer's disease I believe is asparagus.

it is a hereditary diseases i nwhich people a sensitive to light have brownish teeth and skin lesions also known as the vampires disease

There appears to be a link between cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's. So exercise and a diet low in sugar may help prevent Alzheimer's disease.

Diabetic nephropathy is a disease that appears in people who have suffered from diabetes mellitus for a long period of time. It is a disease of the kidneys that eventually forces dialysis.

Silver leaf is a fungus disease that affects some plants by causing among other things a silver discolouration on the leaves hence it's name. It is caused by the fungus Stereum purpureum and mainly attacks Plums.

pokerus is a wierd disease that realy appears but if your Pokemon has it this means that is will level up quiker essetially its like boosted experience that you get with trades

Yes it can. MOST FATS COME FROM SOURCES SUCH AS FISH, NUTS, AND vegetable oils. it will definetly lower the rick of cardiovascular disease

No, it is not contagious. The cause is not well understood, but it appears it is associated with plaques and tangles in the brain.

Bone marrow graft-vs.-host disease comes in an acute and a chronic form. The acute form appears within two months of the transplant; the chronic form usually appears within three months.

They are more than annoying, and can cause many very stressful itchy welts if the infestation is bad, but apart from that it appears at present that they are not a vector for any disease.

No, psoriasis is not caused by a bacterium, or an infection of any kind.

a red bullseye like mark, if that appears you have lime disease

It's not usually easy to know, but signs of kidney infection are: problems urinating, pain in the back left or right side, skin discolouration. The main function of the kidney's have to do with urine, so the first affect usually comes from urine.