What Hitler did and why he did it?


Adolf Hitler Was Brought Up In A Very Poor Way Of Life. He Wasn't Like All Of His Friends. His Father Pushed Him About A Lot When He Was A Child And Hitler Couldn't Stand Up For Him Because He Was Scared. After WW1 Germany Was In A Big Depression And A Recession And It Came To A Point When A 500million Dollar Note Was Nearly Worthless. So Hitler Saw This As A Chance To Step In. He Promised The Germans Jobs, A Good Life And The Perfect Germany. He Gave People Jobs By Making The People Build Roads And Train Stations. So Far Most Of The People Saw Him As A Hero And The Best Thing That Had Happened To Germany In A Long Time. But Hitler Wanted A Pure Races Germany, And He Got The Germans To Believe That As Well. Hitler Had To Blame The Recession On Someone And He Mostly Blamed it On The Jews Because They Had Work And They Were Wealthy Unlike Many Of The Germans. He Believed That A True Blooded German Had Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes And Pale Skin. This Was Odd Because He Had None Of Those Features, Also He Was From Austria And Not Germany.