What Impact did Juno Beach have on the Canadian forces?

The canadians landed with over 14,000 soldiers and faught well. They went farther than all the other allies on D-day. Later they met up with the british. It increased Canadian morale. Canada remains peaceful today and keep their war stuff about how large and how well trained the armies are a secret I hop THIS answer answered your question better than the uncalled for and rude one before. No Canada did not think wars was easy.


Almost two years before Normandy, Canada had attacked the French port city of Dieppe, and it was the first Canadian action of the war. It was also a miserable failure for the Allies, and a propaganda success for the Axis. Apparently many brave Canadian soldiers had been sacrificed for nothing, but the knowledge gained from it saved many lives on Juno Beach as well as on Gold and Sword. [Casualties were light on Utah because the US troops were accidentally landed in the wrong place, and casualties on Omaha were appalling.] Juno was the most important of the five beaches because its objective was the Caen Crossroads. I should think that after Juno the Canadians felt that the disaster at Dieppe had been compensated, and they could stand equally with the US and Great Britain.