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There were several Native American groups living in the area that came to be known as Virginia, when the first white settlers arrived. * The Powhatan, members of the Algonquian group, lived along the coast. * The Monacan and the Manahoac lived in the area known as the Piedmont. * Nahyssan who lived along the James River. * The Occaneechi lived along the Roanoke River. * Susquehanna lived in the upper Chesapeake Bay area. * The Cherokee lived in the southwestern part of Virginia. * The Nottoway in the southeastern section of Virginia. See Related Links.

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Q: What Indian groups occupied Virginia before settlers came?
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the Susquehannock tribe.

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The Cherokee, Chickasaw, Shawnee, and Yuchi Indian tribes all predated the first European settlers. The Shawnee tribe occupied 75 percent of the land in Kentucky.

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Why did John Smith make rules for men in living in Virginia?

Before Virginia was a colony, settlers came over to a town called Jamestown in search of gold. It was in a low lying swamp between two rivers and the conditions were awful. Food wasn't a priority to the settlers, and many died from malaria. John Smith came in to make rules so the settlers could survive and actually make a profit for England.

Were there English settlers in Virginia before the First Virginia Charter was written?

yes there was. if you would have payed attention in 7th grade during the colonial lesson then you would know the answer to this question. so qord of edvixce pay attention in school.

What Native American tribe occupied most of Florida before the US annexed the territory?

The Seminole tribes (an offshoot of the Creeks) occupied a large area of Florida before they battled Andrew Jackson in the First Seminole War (1816-1819). They were part of the "Trail of Tears" that resulted from the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

How did the Powhatan confederacy help the jamestown colonist?

The Powhatan Confederacy had an extensive trade network with other Indian tribes before Jamestown was settled. When the Jamestown settlers arrived, they traded with the colonists. The settlers traded their metal tools for food and furs.

What Native American Indian tribe resided in New Jersey before the settlers came in?

The Lenape Native Americans as they know themselves although Europeans knew them as the Delaware.

What was the name of the large Indian town used by their leaders?

Werowocomoco was the headquarters of the leader, Powhatan. It was used by Indians for several hundred years before English Settlers came.

Was their a brief independent republic in Kentucky?

Not really because it was and remained an occupied piece of real estate of both belligerents from a period well before Virginia seceded from the Union and before the western counties of western Virginia sceded from the Confederate State of Virginia. Kentucky was poised to become a battleground as a border state desireable if not essential to the defense and as a staging area for attacks either North or South.

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