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What Indian tribe had its own alphabet?

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The Cherokee have an alphabet.

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What is the Indian name for rain?

It depends on the individual tribe. Each tribe has its' own language.

What was the first Indian tribe in Louisiana?

get your own answers tom!

Who were the first Indian tribe to have our own written language?


Were the Inca's an Indian tribe?

Yes the Incas were an Indian Tribe.

What clothing did the cahuilla Indian tribe wear?

The Cahuilla Indian Tribe made their own clothing out of tree bark and deer hide. The men wore loincloths and the women wore dresses or skirts.

What Indian Tribe lived in Mesa Verde?

The Anasazi Indian tribe.

What are the native Americans of Colorado river?

Ten tribes occupy Indian reservations with rights to the Colorado River: the Chemehuevi Indian Tribe; the Cocopah Indian Community; the Colorado River Indian Tribes, the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe; the Jicarilla Apache Tribe, the Navajo Nation, the Northern Ute Tribe, the Quechan Indian Tribe of the Fort Yuma Reservation, the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, and the Ute Mountain Ute Indian Tribe.

How was the alphabet created and by whom?

It is said that the first alphabet was created by thePhoenicians.They were a tribe in theancienttimes.

What is the Pextuet tribe?

It is an Indian tribe.

What is archaic?

Its a tribe a Indian tribe?

What is the Indian alphabet?

There is no such thing as an Indian alphabet. India has dozens of different commonly used native writing systems for its various languages, but none of them qualifies as an alphabet.

Can you see a Indian alphabet?

i think the Indian alphabet was destroyed some time in the late 15 00's

What is the name of a Pacific northwest Indian tribe?

One Indian tribe that lives in the Pacific Northwest is the Lummi tribe.

How do you apply for Indian money from blackfoot Indian tribe?

I would like to apply for Indian money from Blackfoot Indian tribe. How do I apply?

What were Hopewell tribe?

the Hopewell tribe was a mysteries Indian tribe.

Who are the Snohomish tribe?

An Indian Tribe In WA

What tribe was Sacagewea in?

The Shoshone Indian Tribe.

Is Kiowa an Indian country or tribe?


Is inuit a tribe?

Inuit is a indian tribe.

What is the name for witch doctor in Indian?

There are 500+ tribes with their own language. You will need to give a specific tribe.

What Indian tribe helped the French during the French and Indian war?

it is the euroquy tribe

What Indian tribe floursihed in Guatemala?

The Indian tribe that flourished in what is today Guatemala are the Mayans.

Which Indian tribe were victorious at the battle of little big horn?

Sioux Indian Tribe

Where is mandan tribe located?

the Mandan Indian tribe was located at the corner of an indian country........

What state is named after an indian tribe?

Alabama was named for an Indian tribe native to the state.Illinois was named for the Illiniwek, the tribal name of the Illini tribe.Iowa, Ayuhwa, which is one of the tribal names of the Ioway Indian tribe.Kansas, for the Kansa Indian tribe.Missouri, for the Missouria Indian tribe native to the state.North Dakota and South Dakota were named for the Dakota Sioux Indians.Utah, for the Ute, an Indian tribe native to the state.