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What Is The Last Farewell About?

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2007-11-13 08:04:32

I have spent many years in the Navy and have studied both U.S.

and English Naval History. When I listen to The Last

Farewell , I hear the lamentation of a young man off to

war. It takes place during the 100 years war between England and

France. The young man is part of the crew of an English Man-of -War

(18th century name for large warship) which lies in the harbor of a

Carribian or Pacific island. Tomorrow the ship must sail into

battle against the French, and this is the young man's last lament.

He holds his native love for the last time, knowing that he may die

in battle on the morrow, but, even if he survives, his ship will go

to England and not return to the island, so he must

leave his love forever. By Lyn The Last Farewell is a

Roger Whittaker original, and if you liked it you may like to see a

sequel in the poetry of David Dawson.


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