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The refining process is the chemical process by which impurities are removed from precious metal. The chemical process involves dissolving the target metal and then precipitating it back out.

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What is the process of refining metals called?

Metallurgical refining

Can you Describe the chemistry of the refining process?

it makes refining do stuff

How do you describe The Refining Process?


What is meant by the term petrochemical refining?

This is a chemical engineering process - the refining of petroleum.

What is the process of making natural product pure by removing unwanted substances refining or mining?


What is the name of the process of making gasoline?


What process is used for refining of zirconium and titanium in metallurgy?

zone process

What are the by-products of the sugar refining process?

Syrup that does not form crystals is used to make brown sugar. Molasses is another by-product of the refining process.

Is refining nickel the same as ultramafic nickel?

when mining and refining nickel in WA , is this process the same as ultramafic nickel

Who developed a process for refining corn?

Robert Rillieux

Refining process that occurs in a blast furnace?


Is lime used in the process of refining sugar?


What is the process involved in refining of petroleum?

fractional distillation

What is the principle behind zone refining?

principle behind zone refining is fractional crystallization; it is a process of separation of solute from its solution.

What is the name of the chemical process that removes unwanted elements form metal?

This is a process of refining.

How is gas made from oil?

A refining process called cracking.

How is iron manufactured from iron ore?

by the process of mineral refining

What is the refining process using electricity called?

it is called ELECTROLYSIS.

What name is given to the industrial process for refining bauxite?

your mam

What is The process of separation of different constituents of petroleum called?

Crude oil distillation is followed by the process of petroleum refining. There are many branches leading off into producing diesel, petrol, and the many products that result from the refining process.

What are the main gold refining methods?

Two common methods are the Wohlwill process and the Miller process.

What is the final step in the process of asking and refining a question to use as the basis of a research essay?

Refining the question even further (and reporting findings) is the final step in this process. IDENTIFYING A TOPIC OF INTEREST

The study of metals and the process for refining and making things from them is called?


What is the texture of silver?

silver can be as smooth or as rough as the refining process makes it

What is the purpose of refining process?

The purpose is to separe and purify chemical compounds.