What Is The Value Of A Hawthrone 880 22 Worth?

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What is a Herters 22 revolver worth?

Answer . Herters was an importer headquartered in Minnesota from the early 1960's to 1979. The guns they imported were of good quality but strictly valued as shooters. I'd suggest you check one of the chain sporting goods stores like Dicks or Garts or Gander Mountain for the cheapest NEW .22 re ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a marlin model 39m 22 caliber rifle with an octagon barrell in excellent condition worth?

Answer . There is a lot of room in that question. The mdl 39 was introduced in 1922 and has many variants manufactured up until at least 1988. Early model standard rifles in excellent condition can command $1500 and "Deluxe" examples can go to $2500. Through the '40's, the values go to $1200 and ( Full Answer )

What is a quackenbush 22 rifle worth?

Quackenbush has made a few different .22 cal rifles. Which one are you asking about. WHAT condition is it in. Does it still work. You need to give more information.

Whats the hawthrone effect?

The Hawthorne effect is defined as the change in human behaviorwhen they are aware that they are being observed or studied. Theterm was invented by Henry Landsberger in 1955.

What is the Value of a Glock 22 pistol?

A new Glock 22 typically runs about $500. A used Glock 22 in excellent shape can range from $350 to $600. Everything really depends on the generation it is, condition (which should be perfectly fine, i mean it is a glock), if it has any extras, and if it is police issue or not. I would say a police ( Full Answer )

What is a marlin 880 SS worth?

I youst bought one.. I gave 3200 SEK (aprox. 400 USD) for it.. you got to take in consideration that this weapon was bought in Sweden (weapons are quiet expencive here) and it came with a scope (a rather good one!).

What is a Belgium browning 22 worth?

It depends on the gun model as well as condition. Is it a .22pistol, rifle, etc.? Also what is the exact model? Once you getthis you can compare it to others guns listed for sale on differentgun websites, such as GunsInternational.com Condition means a lotso make sure you are comparing apple to appl ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a used 22 cal Marlin Model 25N worth?

depends, i would say the range for that is $60 to $170 depending on who is looking for one, i have one that was from 1992 in almost mint condition, a buddy tried to buy it for 150 last year if this helps

What is the value of a 22 cent CPA stamp worth?

Scott Number 2361 Minimal value for this stamp indicates that the cost of a used copy is in packaging and tracking and not the stamp itself. A dealer isn't going to be interested in purchasing a single copy. You would be better to use it for postage rather than trying to sell it. Or trade with an ( Full Answer )

What is the value of my Winchester 22 hornet?

Model 1885, 43, 54 and 70 were chambered in it. Value depends on condition, barrel length, accessories, whether it has original box, papers exactly which rifle model you have, etc.... You could be in the price range of 500-3000 or more.

What is the value of an intratec 22?

Very little. I have several brand new, never used original Tec22's, and I can't even get $50.00 for one. They are notorious for not firing, and they just are not a very high quality gun.

Hawthrone heights or my chemical romance?

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What is the value of a JC Higgins 22 semi auto model 29 serial 583.79 worth?

Previous Unidentified Quote "Guns are dangerous. How about a less lethal passtime?" Really Dude. Pffsst. Here is some info for your JC Higgins Model 29. I own one and have loved it for decades. I have seen them go for between $50 and $250 depending on condition and buyer/seller. Informati ( Full Answer )

Why does 10110 have the decimal value 22?

The 1's and 0's have a value of YES or NO. Start from right to left. The first slot is 1, the 2nd slot is 2, the 3rd slot is 4, the 4th slot is 8 and the 5th slot is 16 and the numbers just keep doubling in value. Any slot that has a 0 is worth 0, any slots with a 1 has a value based on the slot it ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a 22 cent stamp?

Given that description, the stamp could be one of dozens of different 22 cent stamps. The postage rate would indicate that it was issued in 1985 or shortly after that. If unused, it can still be used for 22 cents worth of postage. They have some value, a dollar or two for mint copies and some of the ( Full Answer )

What is a interarms 22 ATD worth?

well i just purchased one at a local gun shop where i live at and i picked it up for 100.00. im trying to find another one like it. anyone with any ideas please email me @ untouchable20096969@hotmail.com.

What is the value of a Ruger 22 Caliber Single Six with serial 8294 worth?

Find someone with a copy of Fjestad's Blue Book of Guns (2009-10 30th edition) - this is the definitive resource for determining the value of most guns (as far as I know - your mileage may differ). Look on GunsAmerica and other online gun auction sites, go to gun shows, . Be aware that a lot depends ( Full Answer )

Value of ruger 22 serial?

The value of a firearm will depend on the specific model, and the condition of the firearm. Some models are more desirable than others, and will command a higher price. A "new-in-box" gun is worth more than a well used firearm. Ruger makes both 22 rifles and 22 pistols- which command different price ( Full Answer )

What is your 1904 22 worth?

Not enough info to make a guess. Give us make, model, description, and we'll try.

What is a 22 westfield rifle worth?

I think you mean Western Field. This was the Montgomery Ward's store brand- several companies made guns for that label, and they will have different values, depending on the model and condition- but anywhere from $50-$150 dollars.

What is a colt peacemaker 22 worth?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all markings, features, condition, box, accessories, etc..

What does the absolute value of -22 mean?

It means the distance from zero. | 22 | (the absolute value of 22) is 22; | -22 | (the absolute value of -22) is also 22. Basically just take out the negative, and that is the absolute value.

1924 crosman 22 what is it worth?

The 1924 was made between 1923-24. Please state the condition of the rifle to get an estimate of value. Is it in very good, good, fair or poor condition? Does it still work. Is it broken, is it complete? All these things determine the value. Re-post your question with this information so an estimate ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a beretta 22 long?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all markings, type of weapon, finish, condition, box, accessories, papers, engraving, sights, etc..

What is a 22 caliber rifle worth?

That'll vary, depending on the manufacturer and model. Tentatively speaking, you could be talking about something worth anywhere from $100 to over $2000.

What is the value of a Ruger 10 22?

They sell for about $225 new at W@lmart. But I think the 10/22 rifles with walnut stock have a slightly higher value. A used gun's value is, of course, relative to it's condition.

What is the value of an 1890 22 rifle?

If you're asking about a Winchester 1890 pump action - value will vary between about $250 for a parts gun, up to over $2000 depending upon condition, "extras" and exact configuration.

What is the value a colt .22 courier?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all markings, features, barrel length, sights, grips, box, papers, accessories, condition, type of action, etc..

What is the value of a sears roebuck 22 c02 pistol worth?

Sears sold several C02 pistols over the years. So which model are you asking about. Is it in working condition. Is it in Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good or Excellent condition. You need to give more information in order to get an estimate of value.

What is a keystone 22 pump worth?

It is POSSIBLE you have a rifle sold by the Edward K Tryon Co of Philadelphia. They were a well known sporting goods company. Many firms had guns made for them, marked with their own brands. Your rifle MAY be a Savage model 29. The link below shows pictures of a Savage 29- see if yours looks like th ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a colt 22 ptfa?

value depends on overall condition. You listed ' colt 22 ptfa' what model colt. serial number, barrel length, pistol, revolver ?????????????

How much is a daisy 20th anniversary 880 airgun rifel worth?

It all depends on the condition of the rifle. You did not give any details. You need to state if it is in working condition and give is some sort of rating such as Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, or Excellent in order to get an estimate of value.

What is the value of a 22 caliber?

Anywhere from $5 to $5,000. There are thousands of diferent .22 caliber firearms. Giv eus some information, and we can give you an answer.

What is a ruger 22 250 worth?

Value of ANY gun is based on exact make, model, and condition. You gave us one of the three. Please repost with all 3, we will try to get you a real answer.

What is the value of a daisy silver anniversary edition 880 gun excellent condtion?

It's hard to give you an answer to this question because none of my catalogues list this particular model of the 880. Daisy has made very many anniversary editions (IE. 1894 commemorative, Wells Fargo edition, Christmas story edition. so on and so on. However a model 880 in excellent condition is wo ( Full Answer )

What does the absolute value of 22 mean?

The absolute value of a number is a measure of how far it is fromthe origin (0). A distance is always positive so the absolute valueof -22 is 22 (it is 22 units away from 0) and the absolute value of+22 is also 22.

What is the value of a Western Field model 880?

Your Western Field model 880 was the only semi-auto 22 cal rifle made for Montgomery Wards by Colt Firearms Company.IT is the Colt Colteer with a 19 3/8in.barrel,15 shot magazine and plain walnut stock.25,000 of these were made from 1965-to the mid 1970,s.The value will be based on your rifle having ( Full Answer )

What is the value of High Standard MFG Corp Supermatic 22 cal long rifle serial number 396160 worth?

Lets start with the fact that you have a Hi-Standard first model supermatic that was made in the year 1952.The first model was made from 1951-1953.For a First model with between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining,the price is between 175-415 dollars.Your supermatic could be had with either a 4 ( Full Answer )