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What Jewish men women and children were murdered in the Holocaust?


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Countless men, women and children, including many races other than Jews, were murdered during the Holocaust.

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The aim of the Holocaust was genocide, so women and children were killed, too. About half the victims were female.

The Nazis tried to kill all Jewish men, women and children in the Holocaust. It was genocide. One can assume the proportion of women killed was about 50%.

Hitler arrested and murdered 6 million Jewish men, women, and children.

Yes, of course. Jewish women, children and elderly were among the targets. The aim of the Holocaust was extermination.

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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas occurred in 1944, in a German death camp. It existed during the Holocaust, a period of time in which millions of innocent Jewish men, women and children were murdered by Nazi Germany and their followers, such as the Einsatzgruppen and European citizens that turned in their Jewish neighbors, so that they would be murdered.

to make the Jewish men women and children do work and it was just to hurt them so sad

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It's estimated that about 5 million non-Jews were murdered during the holocaust.People who were murdered during the holocaust were Jewish men, women, and children. Others that were murdered included Gypsies (Roma), Jehova's Witnesses, Communists, Soviet POWs, homosexuals, Blacks, and cripples.___There's actually a lot of disagreement about this. The lowest figure I've seen is 5 million non-Jews and the highest is 11 million. 5 million is too low. A lot depends on which groups one decides to count as Holocaust victims.

When they entered the concentration camp everyone was complety shaved - men women and children

A lot more women died than men, and children. Anywhere from 2.9 to 3 million Jewish women died. ____ It was genocide. There is no evidence that more women died than men.

Did you mean what rights did Jewish women have during the Holocaust??? If you did I think they didn't have any rights at all... they would have never had

The reproduction organs of jewish men and women were removed by the germans.....

most girls/women aged 20 did not suffer in the Holocaust, though Jewish females aged 20 in the Holocaust would more likely die than live.

Most mothers in the Holocaust were sent to be cremated right away along with the children. The young adult women or young women with no children would be sent to the labor camps or to the labor part of the camp.

Over 6 MIllions Jewish men women and children were killed.

During World War 2, the Nazi exterminated 6 million Jews. More than one million Jewish children were killed in the Holocaust, as were approximately two million Jewish women and three million Jewish men

thier were around 3000 men wenan and children murdered.

holocaust killed em all no need for sports

Because the Jewish people were the ones targeted, persecuted and murdered by the Nazis during the holocaust. Hitler declared his disdain for the jews, therefore his army, under his orders, slaughtered them by the millions. There were only a few of Hitler's soldiers that secretly despised what Hitler was doing and what he stood for, but the majority of Hitler's army took a perverted pleasure in the torture, mutilation, and murder of millions of innocent people just because they were Jewish. No other people (that I know of) were targeted by the Nazis like the Jewish people were. It made no difference to them if they killed infants and children, women or men.

-- Men -- Women -- Children

i believe that women, children, the sick and those that could not work were killed in the gas chambers during the holocaust. i believe that women, children, the sick and those that could not work were killed in the gas chambers during the holocaust. i believe that women, children, the sick and those that could not work were killed in the gas chambers during the holocaust.

They did a lot of things, some were architects book keepers in the death camps and personal maids for the officers running the death camps Jewish women were very educated, and often got murdered and raped for that reason. They were often degraded by high ranking ss officials by having to serve them naked and having to have sex with many of them at one time, afterwards they were often murdered because of the race laws that were in place during this horrible time. Having sex with a Jewish man or even being caught kissing a Jewish person was punishable by death I hope this answers your question

no they mainly were domestic servants and looked after their children

Primarily it was European Jews (men, women & children) that were murdered, although it is likely that a small percentage of those killed were non-Jews.

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