Pterosaur (Pterodactyl)

What LEGO set did the pterodactyl come in?

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I'm afraid he doesn't come in any Lego sets now. But he did come in the Lego Star Wars Cloud City Set.

The set that has the Great Devourer and Lloyd

There are no minecraft pistons made for lego sets yet.

It is a Lego brickmaster set. You cannot get it from the Lego shop/brickmaster toys anymore. You have to buy it on eBay or amazon.

There is currently no set release date for a third Lego Batman game.

Yes, it is set to come out in 2013.

LEGO set 8631 is LEGO Agents set Mission 1: Jetpack Pursuit.

they have it in the set skeleton bowling.

As of now, there is no LEGO Shrek set. LEGO seems like it does not have a partnership with Dreamworks like it does with Disney so it is unlikely for a Shrek theme to come out.

the first Lego set is shiet

He will come in the fire temple, skull truck, and Kruncha spinner sets.

Because space police is already out, Lego currently has no plans to release a new space set

The oldest Lego set is the tusken raider encounter.

Is there a Garfield Lego

This set is very hard to find as it is a Lego Education set. The only place I know of to buy this set, would be off the Lego website.

seems as though this set does NOT EXIST

It depends on the number of bricks in the lego set. The lego sets range between light and mildly heavy. I haven't lifted a lego set that felt too heavy yet.

Yes There Is. It Is A Lego Star Wars Mustafar Set

The largest Lego castle set is the Lego Castle giant chess set with 2,481 pieces and the largest castle play set is Medieval Market Village with 1,601 pieces

LEGO Batman Set #7782 The Batwing: The Joker's Aerial Assault comes with two LEGO guns, a black Semiautomatic Pistol and a black Submachine Gun with Drum Magazine and No Stock. A conplete inventory of the parts in this set can be viewed here:

Shaak Ti will come out in a new 2011 set called the Jedi shuttle. It is going come out December in the states and January everywhere else.

This really depends on what you want from the set and the Lego person! if you want a cool character you might choose my favorit Lego Indiana jone if you want a non movie character you can always buy a Lego minifig set from Lego!

It really does vary on the theme, and type of set.

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