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Lithuania is famous for its symphony and chamber orchestras. Also for its vast agricultural land.
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Where is Lithuania?

Lithuania is in Europe Lithuania is located in Europe, northeast of Poland. It lies to the north of Belarus and to the south of Latvia, on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea.

Why are landmines in Lithuania?

They are because there was wars here. I think they left from WW2. And I don't think that there are many landmines. It's more like there is separate mines in some areas. But many mines are found and lifted. Though there is still some mines being found from time to time.

How rich is Lithuania?

Yes, they are. Lithuania is probably the richest counrty in Europe because they have very little people. population (3,565,205)

How big is Lithuania?

Lithuania has a total area of about 65,300 sq km. Its land boundaries are 1,574 km in length, and it has a coastline of 90 km on the Baltic Sea.

What is the landscape in Lithuania?

Lithuania is situated in Northern Europe. It has around 99 kilometres (61.5 mi) of sandy coastline, of which only about 38 kilometres (24 mi) face the open Baltic Sea and which is the shortest among the Baltic Sea countries ; the rest of the coast is sheltered by the Curonian sand peninsula . Li ( Full Answer )

How old is Lithuania?

\n. \nThe first written mention of Lithuania is found in a medieval German manuscript, the Quedlinburg Chronicle , on 14 February 1009. It was united as a country in 1240, though.

What is the GDP of Lithuania?

- . Total. $63,729 billion [3] (70th). - . Per capita. $14,086 [3] (49th). courtesy of wikipedia.org

What country is Lithuania in?

Lithuania is itself a country and has sovereignty over its issues, meaning it is able to make its own laws and decide which laws of other countries it will abide by.

Famous people from Lithuania?

Donatas Montvidas ,Jazzu ,Marijus Jampolskis , Vaidas Baumila, Andrius Kubilus, Dalia Gribauskaite (president) loads more

What is the symbol for Lithuania?

The state emblem of the Republic of Lithuania is Vytis (the White Knight). The heraldic shield features a red field with an armoured knight on a white horse holding a silver sword aloft in his right hand. The charging knight is known to have been first used as the state emblem in 1366 on the seal of ( Full Answer )

What is it like in Lithuania?

Warm summers, cold winters, wonderful autumns and springs. People hate their government, love basketball, beer, don't like gays and men working as hairstylists. Cities fighting each other, until Olympics/World/Europe basketball championship begins, and we all become friends for a couple of weeks. ( Full Answer )

What are facts about Lithuania?

A few facts about Lithuania are that the country is located innorthern Europe. The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius.

Does Lithuania have states?

No, it is a single republic, divided into 10 counties (apskritys, singular - apskritis); Alytaus, Kauno, Klaipedos, Marijampoles, Panevezio, Siauliu, Taurages, Telsiu, Utenos, Vilniaus.

Who explored Lithuania?

The first one who marked Lithuania's territory in a map was Herodotus. Lithuania was never "explored" in the sense of the word, since it was active in trade relations with the Roman Empire, hence was known ever since those times, although in many different names.

Who was Lithuania ruled by?

Mindaugas 1238-1263 Treniota 1263-1264 VaiÅ¡algas (VaiÅ¡elga) 1264-1267 Å varnas 1267-1269 Traidenis 1269-1281 Daumantas 1281-1285 Butigeidis 1285-1291 Butvydas (Pukuveras) 1291-1295 Vytenis 1295-1316 Gediminas 1316-1341 Jaunutis 1341-1345 Algirdas 1345-1377 Jogaila (I kartÄ ( Full Answer )

Who is the Governor of Lithuania?

Lithuanai does not have a governor, since it is not a state like one of the USA states (California/Florida/etc.) but and independent nation. Therefore, it has a President (curr. Dalia Grybauskaite), a minister cabinet (PM Andrius Kubilius) and a parliament called Seimas (sounds similar to the Polish ( Full Answer )

What jobs are in Lithuania?

Not many that is why most Lithuanians, Latvians, Polish and Russians move to England to search for jobs to provide for themselves or their family.

Why is Lithuania small?

Because, in 17th-18th century it was shared between Prussia, Austria and Russia. After that, only a bit full of Lithuanians (in other places there were Belarussians, used to be Prussia, became new countries before that...) declared independence. Also, Kaliningrad used to be Lithuanian, and it had to ( Full Answer )

What country was Lithuania before it was Lithuania?

Before Lithuania was the country it is today, it was part of a major empire. This empire was the Soviet Union (USSR). It was an empire created by the country of Russia after the downfall of their previous empire. The Soviet Empire then broke up into about 15 countries, one of those being the modern ( Full Answer )

What they do for fun in Lithuania?

Basketball, BBQ, TV, basketball, drinking, watching tennis, because we're winning, basketball, trolling on the Internet.

When was Lithuania made?

The First mention of Lithuania came from 1009. But in medieval Europe only Christian countries used to be recognized and Lithuania was "baptized" in 1385, then the country create the personal union with Poland and became Europe's greatest country in 1569 (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth), the union o ( Full Answer )

What is there for teens to do in Lithuania?

There are loads of places to hang out with friends. Go to Maxima (Huge Shopping Center/ Shop) They are all over Lithuania and there are plenty of things to do there. I would recommend going to a water park, Lithuania has Awesome Water Parks ,trust me e.g. Vichy vandens pramogų parkas, Druskinink ( Full Answer )

How did Lithuania get its name?

Scientists aren't sure so far, but there are some theories. "Lietuva" reffer to: . Litovnija - the land of seaside translated from (I don't know) language . Litus - seaside . Lietuva - lėtųjų kraštas - Lithuania is the land of slower ones . Lietava - the river in Lithuania . Lieti ( Full Answer )

Is Lithuania in Ukraine?

No. Lithuania and Ukraine are separate countries in Europe. They do not even share a border.

Did Lithuania have gods?

Since the old Lithuanian religion before Christianity was paganism so the true Lithuanians used to believe in many nature gods. Example: Fire, Earth, Wind, Thunder, etc... Paganism is still promoted by some people in LT.

What launguage is Lithuania?

Lithuanian, one of the two existing Baltic languages. The other one is Latvian that is spoken in Latvia. In the capital of Lithuania there are many people that speak Russian, and some Polish. Moreover, most of older people can speak in Russian as their second language. Younger generation would m ( Full Answer )

Who are the leaders in Lithuania?

there are 3 leaders witch are alive and thats Dalia Grybauskaite andrius kubilius and irena degutiene and 2 witch passed away and thats antanas smetona and algirdas brazauskas

Which country is Lithuania?

Lithuania is a great country, it is right next to Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and Poland. I sould now because i actually lived there. Trust me its amazing in winter its pure cold and you can get the feeling that your like in Antarctica. However in summer its nice and warm because its like 40 degrees ou ( Full Answer )

How are you in Lithuania?

In Lithuania the people feel like wired words when they say something because im from Lithuania and the Capital of Lithuania is Vilnus I know!

Why is it named Lithuania?

because if you say lithuania in lithuanian the first part sounds like rain and there is a lot of riain there sometimes in some seasons

What is the leaders of Lithuania?

Dalia Grybauskaitė is currently a president, Andrius Kubilius is a Prime Minister and Irena Degutienė is the head of the Parliament

How hot do it get in Lithuania?

Maximum that can get in summers is around 35C in summers but that lasts for maybe a week. Normally summers are about 25-30C in day.

Does Lithuania have mountains?

No, Lithuania is on a plain and only have several hills that are no higher than 300metres.

How was Lithuania founded?

Lithuania was founded in 1009 and has wanted to gain an independence from "Kiev Russia", but in early days first men in Lithuania came in ice age from Germany

Where is the location of Lithuania?

Lithuania is in East Europe. Hence the song, Eastern European Funk by InCulto. (InCulto are a Lithuanian band)

What is the clothing for Lithuania?

well Lithuanian clothes are kind of the same....In special traditional concerts girl.has her hair done with two plaits white hairband and wear traditional clothes.And that's it Lithuanian clothes are not so special but still fun to learn about.....

What iss Lithuania?

Lithuania is a former soviet republic in the Baltic region of Europe, it borders Latvia, Belarus, Russia (Kaliningrad) and Poland

Who colonized Lithuania?

Lithuania was not colonized by any other country. They gained their independence from Russia during WWI, were occupied by Russia during WWII, and regained independence again when communism fell in 1991. However, prior to the Russian takeover before WWI, Lithuania existed as a partial state. It was i ( Full Answer )

When was Lithuania established?

The modern country of Lithuania was established in 1991 and was the first Soviet to leave the USSR. A Lithuanian country was first established in 1253.

How do you get from Lithuania to Germany?

You could take the Ryan air, which is super cheap to fly from country to country. A bus is another option that is not too much of a hassle. I recommend Ryan air, I have had great experiences with them.

Does Lithuania suck?

yes, i think lithuania sucks because all lithuanian's suck balls and they are showoffs and they think they are the best, and UGNE ZABITAITENE is an ugly girl in my school st helens who copys my work, stole a precious someone from a precious girl and she over reacts like shes some popstar O.O anyway ( Full Answer )

What is the noun for Lithuania?

The word Lithuania, which is the name of a country, is a proper noun . A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, or thing. The word Lithuania is the name of a specific place. The adjective derived from the noun Lithuania, it is Lithuanian.