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What MLB pitcher has won 20 games and lost 20 games in the same season?


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November 06, 2010 3:52PM

The last to do it was Phil Niekro of the 1979 Atlanta Braves who went 21-20. Wilbur Wood of the 1973 Chicago White Sox went 24-20.

Both threw, primarily, the knuckleball which is not as tiring on the arm as other pitches. Niekro started 44 games and pitched 342 innings in 1979 and Wood started 49 games and pitched 359 innings in 1973.

Prior to Wood and Niekro, Walter Johnson of the 1916 Washington Senators went 25-20.

Joe McGinnity went 26-20 for the 1901 Baltimore Orioles and 31-20 for the 1903 New York Giants. Cy Young of the 1894 Cleveland Spiders went 26-22 in 1894 and 27-22 in 1891 for the Spiders.