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What MLB team has the most consecutive walk off wins?


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The Phillies!!!! yay GO PHILLIES

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Internazionale is the team in the Serie A that has the most number of consecutive wins.

Barcelona is the team in the La Liga with the most number of consecutive wins. It has won 16 consecutive games.

Machester United is the team in the English Premier League with the most number of consecutive wins.

Olympic Lyon is the team in Ligue 1 with the most number of consecutive wins.

The all-time mark belongs to the Houston Astros, when they recorded five straight walk-off wins, in July, 1986.

University of Miami,Florida. 58 consecutive wins,an NCAA Record

The New York Yankees with 5 consecutive World Series wins between 1949-1953.

I believe that the University of Kentucky Wildcats holds the record for consecutive home court wins with 129.

Clemson Tigers 1977 Baseball team had 29 wins to begin the season

The Chicago Bulls hold the record for most consecutive home court wins by a team in the NBA. The 1995-96 squad had a 44 game home winning streak.

Oklahoma with 44. But the team the beat in 1957 was Notre dame.

The Oakland A's In 2012 With 15 Walk Off wins in a single season.

Nebraska - 1993-1997 - had a record of 60-3. However, Alabama from 2008-2012 has a record of 61-7, making them the team with the most wins in five consecutive seasons.

The Green Bay Packers won 30 consecutive home games from 1929-1931.

The current most consecutive home wins is by the Kansas Jayhawks, which as of today is 37. no actually the most consecutive home wins is by the Kentucky Wildcats, which is 129 from 1943 to 1955!..

UCLA Bruins with 7 wins from 1967-1973. No other team has won more than 2 consecutively.

The 1947 New York Yankees won 19 consecutive games. The 1942 New York Yankees had the most consecutive wins at home with 18, and the 1953 Yankees had the most consecutive wins on the road with 15.

Most Wins Regular Season: 62 - Detroit Red Wings, 1995-96 60 - Montreal Canadians, 1976-77 59 - Montreal Canadians, 1977-78 the question was most CONSECUTIVE wins, not most wins. The actual answer is Pittsburgh with 17 in 92-93

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