What Mac is better MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

The Pros are the more powerful models and feature the same processors as competing top spec laptops. The 15" and 17" pros have dedicated graphics cards which can compete with the best gaming laptops, though they aren't marketed as such.

The 13" models use integrated graphics only much like the Air but have more powerful processors, acting as a go between model for those wanting something a little more powerful than the Air but don't need the graphics performance and extra cost that comes with the 15" and 17" models.

The Air is an ultrabook spec laptop aimed at customers looking for more portable computers. They use similar processors found in the 13" models but ultrabook versions. This means they have lower processor clock speeds and usually lack the turbo boost feature which maximises the battery life of the machine.

That's easy. If u need light useful comp. for browsing internet, presentations. If u need to have it on your bag with comfort u should take Air, but if u have work that use hardware depends software for comfortable and fast work, like GarageBand, FinalCut, A. Photoshop and so on and so force - your choice is Pro